Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrate International Comfort Day (September 28th) with Crocs!

Any Modern Family viewers out there? Remember that episode when the entire family went to Disney Land and Gloria was super grumpy until Jay bought her a pair of Minnie Mouse slippers to wear to trek around the park? He came to the realization that the reason she was oftentimes cranky was directly tied to the fact that she was not comfortable in her high heel shoes. And any woman who has ever worn ill fitting footwear can attest to the fact that if your shoes are not comfortable, it can definitely make you irrationally irritable.

Crocs Women's Beach Line Boat Shoe in Red/White {c/o Crocs}

But who wants to trade comfort for style? I'd argue that most women would rather suffer through the pain of wearing five inch heels {and subject those around them to the subsequent foul mood} than wear shoes that were comfortable, but not quite fashionable {and there's statistical evidence below to support that hunch}. I can say this because I was one of those women! I'd pick a pair of high heels over more sensible flats any day... until I sprained my ankle earlier this summer. It's much better now {for a solid two weeks + I couldn't walk on it at all}, but I'm still not ready to wear my beloved heels. Enter Crocs , a brand well known for their comfortable footwear, but now with an added focus on being stylish as well!

As it turns out, I 'm not only in my habit of being uncomfortable. A national comfort survey {commisioned by Crocs, Inc.} reveals that Millenials {those aged 18-32} are the most uncomfortable generation. According to the poll, roughly 34% {or, one-in-three} of millineals admit to experiencing more than 3 uncomfortable social situations per week. Here are more of the findings: 

Seasoned at powering through, 80-percent of Millennials find it acceptable to lie in order to avoid embarrassment, 46-percent fake cell-phone calls to dodge awkward moments, and when caught in embarrassment, 44-percent of Millennials blame someone else. On the flipside, the majority (55-percent) of Baby Boomers rarely experience awkward moments, with no uncomfortable situations during an average week.

Gender Gap: The majority of women (72-percent) think it’s acceptable to tell a lie to avoid uncomfortable situations vs. a lower percentage of men (56-percent).

Gaff Guide: In dealing with embarrassing moments, 33-percent are the “I’m sorry” Apologizers; 22-percent play the Class Clown by making jokes; 21-percent are Over Lookers, pretending it never happened and 6-percent make like Ghosts who quietly leave the room.

Oops! More than half (55-percent) are more uncomfortable having someone tell them their fly is down vs. telling someone else that theirs is down. The most embarrassing date snafu guys have experienced is passing gas (38 percent); for women, it’s spilling food on themselves (40-percent). Only 12-percent of Americans have had their credit cards declined while on a date.

Relationship Revelations: Among those who feel comfortable in a relationship, 57-percent of men feel comfortable in less than a month vs. 59-percent of ladies who say it take more than a month. However, 19-percent of Americans never get comfortable.

Head to toe Comfort: More than half (52-percent) of women frequently sacrifice comfort for fashion when it comes to footwear. 42-percent of working Americans are not completely comfortable with the clothing that they wear to work. The top three comfortable shoes according to women: sneakers other than running shoes (36-percent), flip-flops or sandals (28-percent) and flats (19-percent).

But what does this have to do with Crocs? Well, the survey showed the degree to which discomfort permeates peoples’ lives, and 65% of the respondents voiced a desire for a comfort national holiday. So Crocs declares September 28th as the first International Comfort Day! 

They encourage you to “Try on a Pair” at any of their retail locations, for a 20-percent discount. Can't get to a store? Participate via social media, by being one of the first 50 people to re-tweet a friend  with the hashtag, #getcomfy, and you will both receive a pair of free Crocs shoes, as well as a tasty comfort recipe shared by Crocs Work spokesperson, chef Mario BataliCrocs Cares will also be donating 15,000 pairs of Crocs shoes to help spread some comfort to individuals–in-need. International Comfort Day will be celebrated globally at Crocs retail stores in the Americas, EU and Asia.

Make sure you stop by your closest Crocs retail location and take advantage of this great deal! I love my new Beach Line Boat Shoes {sent for review; retail for $54.95}- they are absolutely adorable and so comfortable, I often times forget to take them off once I get home! I love that they are cute enough to wear to the mall and out and about, but comfortable enough to wear when walking Lo to and from the bus stop. And when I want to be a little snazzier...

...I wear the super cute {and comfy!} Gianna Flat {sent for review; retails for $34.99}. And I'm going to be honest with you, after experiencing the comfort of wearing these adorable Crocs, I'll be hard pressed to return to heels any sooner than I have to! Until next time...

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