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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrate International Comfort Day (September 28th) with Crocs!

Any Modern Family viewers out there? Remember that episode when the entire family went to Disney Land and Gloria was super grumpy until Jay bought her a pair of Minnie Mouse slippers to wear to trek around the park? He came to the realization that the reason she was oftentimes cranky was directly tied to the fact that she was not comfortable in her high heel shoes. And any woman who has ever worn ill fitting footwear can attest to the fact that if your shoes are not comfortable, it can definitely make you irrationally irritable.

Crocs Women's Beach Line Boat Shoe in Red/White {c/o Crocs}

But who wants to trade comfort for style? I'd argue that most women would rather suffer through the pain of wearing five inch heels {and subject those around them to the subsequent foul mood} than wear shoes that were comfortable, but not quite fashionable {and there's statistical evidence below to support that hunch}. I can say this because I was one of those women! I'd pick a pair of high heels over more sensible flats any day... until I sprained my ankle earlier this summer. It's much better now {for a solid two weeks + I couldn't walk on it at all}, but I'm still not ready to wear my beloved heels. Enter Crocs , a brand well known for their comfortable footwear, but now with an added focus on being stylish as well!

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