My name is Quinn Ryan Smith. I always give my middle name when I write it out (it’s even on my quasi business cards). When I was young(er) I hated my middle name because when people saw it (especially teachers) they always expected me to be a boy. As I got older, I began to appreciate the uniqueness of my name and grew to love it. It fits me, because I am unique (I know all women think that, but in my case, it’s true)! I am the oldest of 3 (I have 2 younger brothers; this accounts for a kind of innate maternal instinct I’ve always had, even before I had my own children). We moved around a little bit when we were little: I was born in Charleston., SC, but we lived in my father’s hometown of Asheville, NC from the time I was 5 until I was 12 and then we moved to the Atlanta area. I consider Atlanta to be my home; it is the perfect mix of suburban/country and urban/metropolis.


Right now, my family lives north of Atlanta and I absolutely love it here! The school system is good (so important when you have kids) and we literally live around the corner (like, walking distance) from the Mall of Georgia, Target, Walmart, and ANY other store you could possibly want or need to go to. Though I am definitely not an outdoorsy kind of gal, I love that we are surrounded by nature and that my girls (I have 3) will have adequate exposure to God’s creation. I’ll be 32 in August. For the most part, I’m okay with where I am in life so I don’t have any particular issue with disclosing my age (my weight is a whole other story). My main occupation is wife and mother and (for now at least) I am completely satisfied with that. I guess you could say that blogging is my side gig, and I am actively pursuing its growth and success. I’ve always been a writer, in the sense that I am forever writing something (I always have to have pen and paper close by), but not in the sense that I’ve had anything professionally published (yet, I do believe I have a least a couple of novels in me). I had my oldest daughter, Peyton, a month before my 19th birthday. Finding out that I was pregnant with her abruptly ended my youth, and changed my life forever. From that point on, I was a mother before I was ANYTHING else, and every decision I made (well, almost every decision) was with her in mind. Being a mama is a huge part of my identity (thus "Mama Fashionista").

My husband (often referred to as "the hubby") and I have 2 daughters together (London is 8 and Kensington is five). Sometimes it is difficult dealing with the issues of being a blended family, but every day we make it through together, and grow stronger and closer as a unit.


 My favorite things (besides my babies and my hubby and my mom and dad) are numerous and sundry. As much as my husband hates it, I love TV. I love music of ALL kinds, just as long as it’s GOOD. I love to read. I love just about anything fashion and beauty related. I’ve had a love affair with cosmetics and skin care since I had money of my own to spend on Lee Press On Nails and Lip Smackers. I love shoes so much that I build outfits around them. I collect Sanrio items, but stationary in particular. I actually love and collect pens and pencils (and it is one of my utmost pet peeves when someone uses one of my pens and doesn’t put it back, or worse yet, doesn’t put the cap back on) But I think more than anything, I am PASSIONATE about writing. Whether it is a list, or a poem, or a post on my blog, a status update on Facebook or Twitter, not a day goes by when I don’t write something. It’s not just something I do, it is who I am.

I like pretty things. I'm kind of obsessed with Paris and all things fashion. Especially shoes. And cosmetics. Oh how I LOVE shoes and makeup! My life revolves around being a good wife and mommy and making sure we're all well fed, entertained, educated, happy, and look GOOD (but not necessarily in that order)...

Mama Fashionista is my creative outlet and my way to share the things that I love and what interests me. It's mostly about beauty (skin care, hair care, and cosmetics), with some style, fashion, and fitness thrown in there for good measure. There will be posts about my daughters and my day to day family life, and things that I feel are share worthy in general. Welcome to my world!


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  1. it's so awesome to embrace your uniqueness! my name is morgan and i've been mistaking for being a man sometimes, too (even though i know way more females named morgan)! also, you have an adorable family. looking forward to future posts!


  2. Quinn, I'm a new subscriber of yours, via The Lacquered Lady! I, too, don't mind admitting my age, 50! I can't wait to read more of your posts!

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    Best wishes,

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