Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Only Way My Girls Will Go Near A Bug! (Prince Lionheart's wheelyBUGS Ride On Toys)

My Kenziekins having a blast on her Lady Bug wheelyBUG
Prince Lionheart's super popular wheelyBUGS (sent for review; $75 for small, $85 for large)  ride on toys are perfect for little legs desiring to explore the world around them. wheelyBUGS ride on toys encourage development of gross motor skills while having fun. They are entirely non toxic and contain no PVC.  Little booties will love the 1" layer of soft sponge while parents will appreciate the tough PU covering so little accidents are easy to clean. The bold, colorful wheelies come in a variety of designs including bumble bee, ladybug, pig, tiger, cow and mouse.

I'm not gonna lie, this adorable little toy caused a bit of drama in my house: I received it with Kenzie in mind, but as soon as Lo saw it, she wanted to "wheel" around on it too {fortunately, we received the smaller version, so Lo's long legs aren't quite conducive to a long ride on it}. But this bit of controversy did prove to me that the toys are a draw for toddlers and older kids alike!

Here she comes...

Some of the features that makes Prince Lionheart's wheelyBUGS a winner for you and your littles:

• Bright and friendly design is an instant attraction to girls and boys alike.
• Help promote gross motor skills and balance like no other toy.
• Entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC.
• Bodies have a padded layer and can be easily wiped clean.

...and there she goes!

Kenzie loves to ride her wheelyBUG around the house and around our neighborhood {obviously well supervised}. It provides a smooth ride on every surface we've encountered, and she especially enjoys how the wheels pivot, allowing her to go round and round quite easily! The wide base keeps her steady {so there's no tilting over}, and the handlebar helps her to feel nice and secure. wheelyBUGS are available at various e-retailers, like Amazon, Target, and Babies R Us. Until next time...


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