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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

CGC for the Mini Me's: Tangled Tantrum

My two curly girl princesses!

I learned of Tangled Tantrum via Instagram, and as the mommy of two curly girls, I was immediately intrigued. I reached out to the brand and was very happy that we agreed that, a) my girls are too cute, and b) we needed to try the products out on their curls!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Get Selena Gomez's VMA Look with John Frieda!

Selena Gomez's Red Carpet look at the 2013 VMA's

What did you think of Selena Gomez's look at last night MTV Video Music Awards? I thought she looked very pretty and while I loved her dress, I think it would've been more palatable had her there been more fabric over her boobie, but that's just me. We may not all be able to afford that gorgeous Versace gown, but we can afford to get Selena's sleek and glamorous hair style! Her hairstylist for the evening, Lona Vigi, let's us know step by step how to create this style at home using John Frieda hair products...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Wash Day with gud Vanilla Flame!

I've disclosed my love for all things gud, and now that I've finally gotten my hands on the Vanilla Flame scent {thanks to PR}, that undying affection has only intensified.

Get soft, shiny hair with güd Vanilla Flame Nourishing Shampoo and Softening Conditioner. This irresistible combo leaves your hair not only looking fabulous but smelling delicious {and down right sexy} too. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Skin & Hair Solutions for Too Much Sun!

When you're having fun in the sun, sometimes it can be easy to over do it a bit, and your hair and skin can pay the price! Are you suffering from dry skin and hair due to overexposure to the sun and elements? Here are some handy helpers to the rescue!
Skin & Hair Solutions for Too Much Sun!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Attention NYC and Cali Lovelies! Sea Salt Never Tasted So Good: Ouidad and Dana’s Bakery Team Up to Create Sea Salt Inspired Macarons

This summer, indulge in sea inspired products without ever having to step foot on the beach thanks to Ouidad and Dana’s Bakery.  In honor of the launch of the Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray, the Curl Experts are collaborating with Dana’s Bakery to create an exclusive Sea Salt Caramel macaron.  During the month of July, the first 100 people to purchase will receive a full size Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray and a special offer to Ouidad.com and Ouidad flagship salons in New York and Santa Monica.

Ouidad's Wave Creation Sea Spray 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Address Your Hair's Unique Needs with Nubian Heritage!

Address Your Hair's Unique Needs with Nubian Heritage!

Every head of hair is unique! Nubian Heritage offers different lines (that all feature all natural and organic ingredients) to suit your hair's needs! Color treated hair? Try the EVOO & Moringa line! Looking for maximum growth and strength? It's Indian Hemp & Tamanu for you! Do you love your style/heat tools? Protect those tresses with Honey & Black Seed!

(Full Disclosure: Product was sent for the purpose of review)

Nubian Heritage EVOO & Moringa Line (for repair of damaged  hair, to extend life of perm, and to extend color)

EVOO & Moringa w/Quinoa, Fennel & Henna Repair & Extend Hair Treatment Collection helps to revive damaged hair as well as extend the life of color while restoring health and shine.

Moringa Oil, was highly prized by ancient Ayurvedic  for its rejuvenating properties. It contains high levels of oleic acid, antioxidants and vitamins, which help to  repair split ends and condition hair. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in fatty acids and provides intense moisture and shine. Henna offers natural color enhancement, and sheen, while thickening hair strands naturally.  Quinoa provides a protective barrier over the hair shaft.

Because the plant-infused line is so gentle, unlike products with harsh chemicals, it helps your color resist fading, extending the life of color up to 70%. It also protects hair from sun damage and environmental stressors, all while leaving your hair soft, silky, shiny, and smelling fantastic! My picks from the collection: EVOO & Moringa w/Quinoa, Fennel & Henna 
Repair & Extend Conditioner ($11.00 for 12oz. at Walgreens): it can be used as a basic conditioner, as a deep conditioner, OR as a leave-in conditioner and performs well in all 3 capacities. I've even used it for co-washing! What can I say, I'm a sucker for a multi tasker! EVOO & Moringa w/Quinoa, Fennel & Henna Repair & Extend Hair Butter  ($11.99 for 6oz. at Walgreens):   a little goes a long way with this rich emulsion. I love to use this on the girls after I've detangled their hair. It's the perfect consistency to give light hold for braids and two strand twists. Plus it adds a beautiful amount of sheen and smells so good! 

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Line (for breakage prevention and stronger hair)

Indian Hemp & Tamanu Oil w/ Bamboo, Monoi & Garlic Extract
Strengthen & Grow helps to do just as it says, grow and strengthen your tresses!

For centuries, herbalists around the globe have used Hemp on the scalp to calm irritation. In Madagascar, Tamanu Oil is revered for its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its deeply moisturizing and reparative benefits. In Chinese medicine, Bamboo is used to strengthen hair and promote healthy growth, while naturopaths in the Mediterranean apply Garlic Extract for the same reason. Naturally fragrant Monoi Oil, a beauty secret from Tahiti, intensely hydrates hair preventing breakage. My picks from the collection: Indian Hemp & Tamanu Oil w/ Bamboo, Monoi & Garlic Extract Grow & Strengthen  Serum  ($11.99 for 4fl oz. at Walgreens): We all know that I'm a sucker for oils and this one is absolutely luscious! Smells divine and soaks into the hair and scalp like butter! I prefer to use it on soaking wet hair or to help in detangling my hair. Indian Hemp & Tamanu Oil w/ Bamboo, Monoi & Garlic Extract Grow & Strengthen Edge Taming Taffy ($11.99 for 6oz. at Walgreens): it's all-natural and petrolatum-free and works wonders at helping to control and smooth edges for a sleek look. I use it for ponytails, braids, and two strands twists for myself, and curly puffs for the girls.

Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Line (for heat protection and moisture retention)

Honey & Black Seed w/ Babassu, Carrot & Macadamia Nut Oils
Heat Protection and Moisture Retention

Arabian Honey, because of its high concentration of proteins, natural enzymes and amino acids, has been used throughout history to deeply moisturize, repair and protect the hair and scalp. Black Seed Oil was actually found in the Tomb of King Tutankhamen and is used to rejuvenate and balance hair and scalp with its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing benefits. Babassu Oil comes from the Amazon and is rich in fatty acids. It has been traditionally used in Brazil to strengthen hair and preserve elasticity. Australian aborigines have applied Macadamia Nut Oil to their hair to replenish moisture for thousands of years, while Keratin helps repair damage and nourishes hair, leaving it smooth and silky. My picks from the collection: Honey & Black Seed w/ Babassu, Carrot & Macadamia Nut Oils Heat Protect Keratin Hair & Scalp Serum ($11.99 for 4oz. at Walgreens): This is the perfect precursor to straightening my hair. I don't blow dry my hair-when I know I'm going to be straightening it, I wash and condition it, apply this oil while it's still wet, and then braid it up and allow it to air dry. Once it's dry and right before I use a flat iron to straighten I use my second pick...Honey & Black Seed w/ Babassu, Carrot & Macadamia Nut Oils Heat Protect Keratin Wrap Mousse ($11.99 for  7.5fl oz at Walgreens): It is the perfect texture for use before heat styling because it doesn't leave your hair wet for too long. Not only is your hair protected from heat, it's left soft and shiny, with a slight amount of hold (so your style won't fall flat as soon as you leave the house)!

Even though those are my selections from the 3 collections, you really can't go wrong with any of these products! In fact, I feel like my appetite has merely been whetted and I'm so ready to try out EVERYTHING else Nubian Heritage has to offer! Have you tried any of their products yet? What are your favorites? Anything mentioned here that you are now dying to try? My inquiring mind want to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Get Sexy Summer Hair with Agadir Argan Oil!

Sexy Summer Hair with Agadir Argan Oil!

Whether you like it wavy and loose or tight and full, these products have what you need to keep your hair summer time fine! Keep reading for a review {you know, because that's why they were sent to me, lol!} of each of these products AND a step by step tutorial!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Save 15% on Ouidad Conditioners-Now Which One(s) to Buy?

Ouidad Conditioner Sale!

Now through Sunday, July 21, you can get 15% off of all of Ouidad's AWESOME conditioners. A few of these I've tried, a few of them I want to try, but all of them are FANTASTIC!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Get Color PHerfection with amika! (Quickie Review)

amika Color PHerfection Shampoo

Indulge dry locks with intense moisture while gently cleansing with the amika Obliphica Color PHerfection Shampoo {sent for review}. This breakthrough formula combines Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn Berry) seed oil & Wild Cherry Bark extract to deliver a luxurious lather that rinses clean. Vitamin E infuses strands with increased manageability, while the pH range 5.0-5.5 locks in color — leaving hair insanely radiant and shiny. This fabulous shampoo is for all hair types and free of parabens and artificial colors.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heat Up Your Look This Summer with Streekers!

Now that I've made the leap to dye my normally very {very} dark tresses, I'm even more open to experimentation with color.  I love the look of chalking and admired the look of pink highlights on the likes of Demi Lovato, January Jones, Lauren Conrad. Come to think of it, I've always been a fan of off the wall touches of color, ever since Gwen Stefani started sporting them way back when. I can't go full on mermaid hair, so that's why I love Streekers {especially now that my hair is a little bit lighter than it has been in the past}..

Sunday, July 7, 2013

CGC: Camille Rose Naturals Jansyn's Moisture Max Conditioner and Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel and Jansyn's Moisture Max Conditioner, both available from Curl Mart 
Both products were sent for the purpose of review by Naturally Curly and Camille Rose.
Founded in 2010 by Janell Stephens, a mother of five and dedicated vegan, Camille Rose Naturals is a 100% MOMpreneur owned and operated company, dedicated to developing and marketing hand-made hair, skin and body care products for modern natural hair sophisticates who care about their total health, beauty and wellness. (Source: camillerosenaturals.com)

Monday, June 3, 2013

CGC for the Mini Me's! Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner and Hair Silk Review

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Silk (product sent for review consideration)

From mixedchicks.net:

"...a curl-defining system for "us". Whether you're black, white, asian, latin, mediterranean, or any glorious combination of the above, you'll love the way these non-sticky, lightweight curly hair products leave your hair inviting to touch as they define and lock moisture into every curl. Be a proud part of our multiracial movement..."MIXED CHICKS" your curls! And yes, it not only works on wavy, tightly curled or straight hair but it also works on weaves."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 Reasons To Love Vidal Sassoon (PS: One Reason Is Because I'm Giving Some Away)!

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Volume Collection: Boost & Lift Shampoo, Boost & Lift Conditioner, and Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse

Okay, real talk: If a company gives me the opportunity to review something AND give something away to you lovelies, nine times out of ten I'm going to say "YES!" The products you see above are the result of said compulsion, so you're welcome very much! Lol. Anyway, I was approached by a rep from the newly revamped, veteran hair care brand, Vidal Sassoon, to do a product a review and GIVEAWAY! So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should love Vidal Sassoon!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quickie Review: GG Gatsby Flirt in a Bottle Hair Fragrance

GG Gatsby Flirt in a Bottle Hair Fragrance

I like to smell good, so something like a hair fragrance, while novel to me, was something that I definitely wanted to give a try. So I immediately accepted the opportunity to review Flirt in a Bottle from the new-to-me hair care brand GG Gatsby, and I'm so happy that I did!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zac Posen + John Frieda - Target Exclusives!

Limited Edition Hair Accessories from John Frieda and Zac Posen

This season, the John Frieda Hair Care Experts went backstage at Zac Posen, coloring models’ hair with rich shades of Precision Foam Colour to bring out the vibrancy in Posen’s runway looks. Now Posen is bringing his coveted designs to Precision Foam Colour, outfitting the boxes in exclusive prints.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm A Red Head Thanks to K. Logan Salon!

I very seldom go to a salon to get my hair done, but I was in desperate need of a hair cut {I was suffering from a severe case of pyramid head-my curly girls know of what I speak} AND out of the blue, my hubby voiced an interest in seeing me as a red head. I've been infatuated with red hair since I was a little girl {my mother used to color her hair red and I remember going to the salon with her when she got it done}, and I'd been trying to achieve the perfect shade of red on my own since I was about 13 {I started with Herbal Essence semi permanent colors}, but have never been able to do it on my own. When we got married, my sweet man told me he liked my hair just the way it was, so there was no need for me to change anything. The itch to try something new has been underneath the surface though, so when he pointed out a shade that he thought would be pretty on me, he set the wheels in motion. Then I was contacted about reviewing a new salon in Atlanta called K. Logan Hair Salon.  The timing of the offer couldn't have been any better! So after I made sure the stylist had experience with natural hair {it's very important to know your hair type and make sure that you and your stylist know what you're getting into}, I made an appointment for a cut and color.

The beautiful entrance at K. Logan Hair Salon 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fab Five Friday (+1) - My Ouidad Favorites! (A Curly Girl Chronicle)

Ouidad Favorites!

First off, did you know that Ouidad is not just a brand, she is a person? Not just a person, but a curly girl, who sought out to create a salon and extensive line of beauty products specifically for curls and waves {despite the rest of the industry calling her crazy}. Amazing, right!?! With the goal "to empower everyone to see that curly hair is a gift to be celebrated and enjoyed," Ouidad believes that "curly hair is the most beautiful hair" and wants her fellow curly girls to love our hair everyday {which can be a struggle}. All of the products in the line are gentle, moisturizing and water-soluble. They work from the inside out to  not only make your curls look beautiful, but also to "transform hair into its healthiest condition," {win win, huh}!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get Curls Straight (and Healthy) with Carol's Daughter and John Frieda!

Get Curls Straight with John Frieda and Carol's Daughter

I only straighten my hair an average of once every other month, but I may start doing it more often! Why, you ask? With my new dream team of tools and products, I'm getting my hair straight in a record amount of time, and it's looking better than ever!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Total Beauty Shop's Resolution Solution Collection

I'm so happy to be able to share this box {that I was sent for the purpose of review} from Total Beauty Shops today because they have it {and 2 other awesome boxes} on sale for $9.99 (plus free shipping)!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Curly Girl Chronicle: Luxor's The Wet Brush

Luxor's The Wet Brush (MSRP $14.00) was designed to "eliminate tangles quickly and painlessly." It also massages the scalp! It can be used on wet or dry hair and is suitable for all hair types. It features a soft, rubberized non-slip grip for a secure, comfortable hold and the flexible bristles detangle hair with ease.
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