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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Make Time for You This Back to School Season with Groupon!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

It is finally upon us... BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!!! As much as I love the summer, this twilight time between summer and fall - when football season, sweater weather, and the sweet SWEET scent of school supplies and textbooks is in the air - comes in at a very close second. 

But here's the thing: this is also the time of year that moms and dads shell out the big bucks so that our progeny can have a great school year - new backpacks, fresh kicks, stylish wardrobes, electronics out the wazoo, and enough paper products to decimate a small forest. I mean, it's all worth it to ensure that our kids are equipped for success - but after all of that is taken care of {and before the madness and chaos of holiday season} what about dear old ma and pa?

Enter Groupon - the website that's synonymous with savings. Take advantage of your now childless day and get some "me time" at a local salon, for the low, thanks to Groupon! Get a shampoo and deep conditioning treatment, that trim you're in desperate need of, a Dominican blowout, or the mermaid dye job of your wildest dreams at a price that can't be beat thanks to the global leader of local commerce and the place you start when you want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm A Red Head Thanks to K. Logan Salon!

I very seldom go to a salon to get my hair done, but I was in desperate need of a hair cut {I was suffering from a severe case of pyramid head-my curly girls know of what I speak} AND out of the blue, my hubby voiced an interest in seeing me as a red head. I've been infatuated with red hair since I was a little girl {my mother used to color her hair red and I remember going to the salon with her when she got it done}, and I'd been trying to achieve the perfect shade of red on my own since I was about 13 {I started with Herbal Essence semi permanent colors}, but have never been able to do it on my own. When we got married, my sweet man told me he liked my hair just the way it was, so there was no need for me to change anything. The itch to try something new has been underneath the surface though, so when he pointed out a shade that he thought would be pretty on me, he set the wheels in motion. Then I was contacted about reviewing a new salon in Atlanta called K. Logan Hair Salon.  The timing of the offer couldn't have been any better! So after I made sure the stylist had experience with natural hair {it's very important to know your hair type and make sure that you and your stylist know what you're getting into}, I made an appointment for a cut and color.

The beautiful entrance at K. Logan Hair Salon 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Enjoy Some SoCal Pampering at Bellacures!

If you're looking for an exceptional, full service, ultra accommodating nail spa experience, than Bellacures is for you. Over the top service is provided from the moment you walk into the door. Someone is there to greet you offer you a variety of refreshments, as well as assist you in picking the perfect mail color to compliment your skin tone and the season. They have an impressive inventory of nail colors organized by color groups to make choosing super easy. The next thing that sets Bellacures apart from the many, many other nail spas is the chairs!!! No matter which of their services you are getting they are all performed in the most soft, cozy, comfortable chair you've ever sat in, making you feel completely relaxed, and pampered. 

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