Friday, July 6, 2012

Enjoy Some SoCal Pampering at Bellacures!

If you're looking for an exceptional, full service, ultra accommodating nail spa experience, than Bellacures is for you. Over the top service is provided from the moment you walk into the door. Someone is there to greet you offer you a variety of refreshments, as well as assist you in picking the perfect mail color to compliment your skin tone and the season. They have an impressive inventory of nail colors organized by color groups to make choosing super easy. The next thing that sets Bellacures apart from the many, many other nail spas is the chairs!!! No matter which of their services you are getting they are all performed in the most soft, cozy, comfortable chair you've ever sat in, making you feel completely relaxed, and pampered. 

My particular experience was  very, very exceptional. As soon as I stepped inside, Yanna the receptionist/manager greeted me with personal attention. She immediately offered me a long list of beverages, and assisted me with my nail color selection. I thought that was particularly accommodating  since I'm usually just asked from across the room what service I need and to "pick your color".  Yanna then sat me down asked me if I  wanted her to pull some magazines for me and handed me the glass of water I had earlier requested. 

 Bellacures tried to set themselves apart in other ways as well. Safety and cleanliness is a big deal for them. They use all new disposable products for each client giving you the option to take those products home at the end of the treatment and bring them back to reuse next time, or to simply be thrown out. All of the metal tools are actually autoclaved (sterilized in a special machine). For pedicures, snap on liners are used in the tubs with each client too. All of this is to ensure sterility and cleanliness so you never have to worry if things are really being cleaned properly.

 For my treatment I chose the Bellacures Gellacure and a pedicure. Talk about heaven! Julie & Kathy went to work pampering me and it felt amazing and comforting to know that all of the instruments were brand new and/or sterilized. They each gave me what seemed like a super long massage with an addicting Herbal scented body butter. As Julie started to apply the gel polish I noticed the cute design on her own nails and she do nicely offered to apply the same design which I thought was really sweet. I looked down to see perfection!

All in all it was definitely the BEST nail spa experience  of my life. Would I go back? Yes! Would I get ths gel there again? Probably not. Although there was nothing wrong with the treatment, Julie did an amazing job, there was also nothing different about the gel treatment I usually get for the price in respect to the actual product used. Next time I'll stick to one of there many specialty mani/pedis.

The cost of services may be slightly higher than what you may be used to,  but the overall experience outweighs that. Kind, accommodating staff, and a clean relaxing environment, will set the mood for pure relaxation. If you live in Southern California and are interested in booking a top notch experience at Bellacures, make sure to visit www.bellacures.com for more information!


PS-This post/review was brought to you by my lovely correspondent, Tabitha. Bellacures offered complimentary service in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% honest :)

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