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Fab Five Friday (+1) - My Ouidad Favorites! (A Curly Girl Chronicle)

Ouidad Favorites!

First off, did you know that Ouidad is not just a brand, she is a person? Not just a person, but a curly girl, who sought out to create a salon and extensive line of beauty products specifically for curls and waves {despite the rest of the industry calling her crazy}. Amazing, right!?! With the goal "to empower everyone to see that curly hair is a gift to be celebrated and enjoyed," Ouidad believes that "curly hair is the most beautiful hair" and wants her fellow curly girls to love our hair everyday {which can be a struggle}. All of the products in the line are gentle, moisturizing and water-soluble. They work from the inside out to  not only make your curls look beautiful, but also to "transform hair into its healthiest condition," {win win, huh}!

So I'll admit that I'm a relatively recent convert to Ouidad {thanks to the lovely ladies at Naturally Curly}, but I have yet to come across a product from the line that I was not uber impressed with. There are products that work for me and my two little curly girls, some that work best for Lo {who has a tighter curl pattern}, and some that work better for me. I think that that is super important, because curls are not all created the same, so it's good to have a brand out there that truly understands that. I've enjoyed these products so much, that I could not eliminate one of them, so I had to cheat and make this Fab Five Friday post a plus one!

Ouidad Curl Recovery Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer ($26) - If you are new to Ouidad, I would start here! This wonder product is packaged like a mousse, nozzle and everything, but comes out as a rich, luscious, thick cream, that just loves on your curls. A thick, dense, daily conditioner that’s so luxurious it delights at first touch. Its rich, sensorial texture glides on hair and envelopes curls in deeply hydrating nutrients to elevate the moisture factor within the hair cuticle. This wonder works just as well on my tresses as Lo's and can be used for wash and go's, to slick back up do's, and to prep hair for protective styles. From the brand:  Triple Olive Oil Blend combined with Shea Butter and Glycerin deeply moisturize, nourish and strengthen curls while smoothing frizz and enhancing shine.Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant and environmental protection to maintain luscious, healthy-looking, head-turning curls all day long. As a styling primer, its lavish, silky formula creates the perfect canvas by re-establishing your natural curl pattern for easy styling with any gel or cream. Curls are pampered, nourished and conditioned.-Hair is soft and supple to the touch and ideally primed for styling.

Ouidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream ($26) -  is a unique styling cream specifically designed for tighter curls to hydrate, soften and define. I'm a huge fan of gel/cream hybrids and this is my favorite among them all.  Surprisingly, though this one says it's better for tighter curls, I find that it works better for my wash and go's {my curls need minimal manipulation} than for London's {the hubby really works her hair to get the curl pattern that he prefers}. It offers excellent frizz control, shine, soft hold, and no flakiness. 

Ouidad Moisture Lock Define & Shine Curly Styling Gel Cream ($24) - softens and defines waves and curls without weighing them down. I love using this on Kenzie's hair when it's damp, before I put it in a ponytail. Whether her hair is in its natural ringlet/spiral state, or I put it in little twists or braids, this gel cream gives her hair just the polish it needs to look like I actually put some effort into her hair {because I really do and there is nothing more frustrating than spending TIME getting a little girl's hair just right, just to leave the house and get to your destination and her hair looks like you didn't even touch it #mommyproblems}

Ouidad Mongongo Oil-Hair Treatment ($58) - OMG! I've clearly established that I'm obsessed with oils {among many other things}, but this magic in a bottle is on a whole other level! This is a super-concentrated, multi-tasking oil that provides both immediate AND long-term moisture to hair, restructures and restores a healthy appearance to even the dullest locks {and trust me I put it to the test}. I've tried this in Lo's hair and it works spectacularly for her too, HOWEVER, this is the good good, and is thus reserved for mama's private stash only! From the brand: Infused with Mongongo Oil, known as "hair food" in Zambia for its high vitamin E content and superb regenerating and antioxidant properties. A high concentration of linoleic acid, Omega-6 and Vitamin E deliver intense hydration while American Palm Seed Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil control frizz and give an instant luster. Hair is infused with immediate and long-term nourishing moisture. Protects against UV rays and damaging environmental aggressors. Protects hair during heat styling and dramatically speed up blow drying time. Smoothes frizz and restores natural luster and sheen. Hair is soft, manageable and shielded from damage.

Ouidad Curl Co-Wash Low Foam Cleansing Conditioner ($30) -  is a rich, low-lathering, sulfate-free cleansing conditioner that leaves hair moisturized, soft & frizz-free while gently clearing hair of buildup. I'm not gonna lie, I'm either the best or worst tester when it comes to cleansing conditioners because I don't wash my hair often {don't judge me} and I use lots of oils and sometimes even products with silicones. So the co-wash method {cleansing your hair with a conditioner instead of a sulfate laden shampoo} isn't always effective for getting my curls clean. But this is one of the few exceptions. It gets my hair and scalp clean, I can detangle my hair in the shower with it, my hair feels so soft after using it, and I LOVE the pump packaging. From the brand: Unlike most cleansing conditioners, our thick, foamy texture is a concentrated blend of conditioners & oils plus a dose of a gentle, naturally-derived coconut cleanser for a truly unique experience that never dries or strips hair. Black Cumin Seed Oil and Jamaican Black Oil deeply condition strands with nourishing vitamins & minerals, taming and smoothing hair and reducing frizz. Rosemary and Sage Oils gently refresh and balance the scalp while delivering shine to the hair. In just one use, tresses look and feel hydrated, soft, smooth, and full of life. Protects from dryness, breakage, and color fading.

Ouidad Wave Create Texture Taffy ($23) - this is the most recent product that I've tried from Ouidad {PR sent it for the purpose of review}, and in all honesty, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. The term taffy and my hair aren't quite compatible in my head, but I trust that Ouidad knows what she speaks of! So it was just a matter of figuring out the best way to utilize this stretchy styling cream, formulated to  create a  "playful, tousled texture for a look that's undone and sexy." I find that it works FABULOUS in my hair when I've been straight for a few days and need to add some oomph and shape to my 'do! It makes my ponytails look so much better (less house wife/soccer mom) and gives it gorgeous texture when I want to wear it down. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate it when I'm wearing my hair in its natural texture, but I'm sure I will work it out! From the brand:  Our taffy-like formula with a Marine Complex - high in vitamins and minerals – allows you to grip and mold hair while keeping it nourished and soft. This flexible, gummy styler creates long-lasting waves that dry to a matte finish without a trace of sticky residue. Whether you want summer-inspired waves or a playful, unkempt style your newly found texture will be a look that's natural, healthy and irresistible.

Have you tried anything from Ouidad? What are your favorite products from the brand? Anything in the line that I must try next? Or is there anything in my list that you are dying to try? Leave a comment below and let me know what you are thinking! Until next time...


  1. I LOVE this!! I am a curly girl too, and actually bought a Ouidad started kit and love the products! I also think that I might buy a bottle of Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner (Styling Cream) I have tried my nieces and it works really well on my hair. I also just experienced DevaCurl at the Nordstrom Trend Event (I will post it tomorrow or Tuesday), but you can see that after they worked their magic on my hair that I ended up with tight little ringlets without frizz!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! <3

    1. I'm huge fan of Mixed Chicks and am actually in the process of reviewing a few items now (including the leave in conditioner)! The shampoo was actually the first high end specialty "curly hair" we purchased (I say we because it was actually my hubby that researched products for our daughter's hair, found the shampoo and purchased it and the deep conditioner, which is also fabulous). I've not tried anything from DevaCurl yet, but I've heard great things so I'll have to look into that!

    2. I can't wait to read your review. I definitely have to go get a few of their products! I think that it makes a difference using products that are geared to the specific needs of curly hair- too many of the regular mainstream products are just too harsh and drying- which in turn just makes curly hair more high maintenance. It's been a lifelong journey trying to find good quality products that actually do good things for my hair! That is so sweet that your husband did the research for your daughters hair-- totally bringing tears to my eyes that a man would clue in like that!! <3

  2. Hmmmm.....interesting. I have saw this brand but I was kinda hesitant to try it. But now, upon reading your reviews about its different products, I think I will give it a try. They sound like great products to try out.

    1. I understand your hesitancy-it sucks to invest in products just to find that they don't work for you! I do believe that they have less expensive starter/sampler kits to try and if you go some place like Sephora, not only is the return policy awesome if you make a purchase that you're not happy with, you can also get samples of just about anything they sell in the store if you want to try something before making a big splurge. Hope that helps!


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