Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zac Posen + John Frieda - Target Exclusives!

Limited Edition Hair Accessories from John Frieda and Zac Posen

This season, the John Frieda Hair Care Experts went backstage at Zac Posen, coloring models’ hair with rich shades of Precision Foam Colour to bring out the vibrancy in Posen’s runway looks. Now Posen is bringing his coveted designs to Precision Foam Colour, outfitting the boxes in exclusive prints.

Available only at Target, the boxes feature one of four prints, handpicked by Posen to complement blonde, brunette, red or black tones. The limited-edition Precision Foam Colour collection also feature tips coordinating the fashion shades of the season with each hair color, as well as an exclusive hair accessory in the corresponding Posen print.

I received the hair accessories collection for review

“The John Frieda team did such an incredible job bringing color to my collection—now I’m excited to bring fashion to their collection,” explains Posen. “I chose each print to complement a specific hair tone—blonde, brunette, red, or black—and make that shade look its most vivid and rich.”

I can tell you personally {and as someone who just went from hair so dark brown it was almost black to red} that the that even though the accessories were made from a specific hair color inspiration, they look fab on any hair color! The cute floral prints are perfect for the spring and summer and are sure to add a little extra something to any outfit. Until next time...

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  1. I saw the hair ties at SuperTarget a few weeks ago and adored them - maybe I'll go back and buy a few. So cute! :)


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