Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Simple Ways To Add Flavor To Your New Diet Meals

Adding flavor to your food is something we all approach in a different way. Some people love it cool and mild, some love it hot and spicy, and some people are huge fans of plain foods! But no matter the flavors you prefer, sometimes our meals are just missing a touch of what we love, especially if you've just changed your diet. 

But if the diet you’re following just doesn't have enough of a flavor punch for you, don’t give up on it! You can add a lot of flavor to your meals with a few simple steps, and we’ve collected some of the best below for you. In much the same way you can sprinkle some healthy supplements over your food, you can also serve it up to be tasty and delicious! 

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Stock Your Spice Rack

The more spices you’ve got at your disposal, the better! And that’s why you should always have a well stocked spice rack in your kitchen. Whenever you’re cooking something up, taste it as you go, and then throw in a pinch or a spoon of flavors like Tarragon, Mint, Garlic, and Tumeric when your dishes seem a little basic. 

All of the above spices work wonders in basic meals that contain all food groups, but make sure you’ve also got some curry/chilli powder, cinnamon/nutmeg, and black pepper on hand too. They’ll add an extra dimension without the need for salt

Whip Up a Sauce

Every single meal you put together can be improved by adding some kind of sauce. And thanks to the low nutrient profile of most sauces, due to a typical mix of puréed ingredients and oils coming together, they won’t do much to disrupt your new calorie intake. So get to know how to make some of the most popular sauces out there! 

Start with a classic such as this marinara sauce recipe from Feasting at Home, as well as your own BBQ, Tzatziki, and garlic sauces. Make them once, pot them up and then keep them in the fridge or freezer for later! And even when it comes to breakfast time you can add fruit sauces to wheat biscuits, rye bread, and oatmeal. 

Add Some Zest

The zest from citrus fruits is always a welcome addition to low flavor meals, such as basic salads, rice, and chicken dishes. And if you’re currently following a diet that features any of these ingredients heavily, you’re going to want to keep a spare lime or lemon in the fridge at all times. 

Zest can add freshness to a dish, as well as help balance out the flavor profile by adding that small hint of bitterness that most meals miss out on. It’ll bring an overbearingly umami flavored plate back down to earth, and help to keep any sweet foods from feeling like they’ll rot your teeth! 

Adding flavor to your meals doesn't need to be difficult. Get some species, some zest, and make your own sauces! 

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