Tuesday, January 25, 2022

4 Effective Ways to Beat Bad Habits for Good



No matter who you are, you have at least one bad habit. It could be waiting until the last second to get out of bed, or it could be enjoying one too many drinks after getting home from work. You may not think this is doing much damage right now, but continuing these habits can make problems arise in the long term. Breaking bad habits can improve mental well-being and vastly improve your lifestyle. However, taking the leap and making a change is scary, so how can you break your bad habits for good? 

Know Your Triggers

Many bad habits are caused by triggers. Many people help themselves to a drink or will smoke when stressed, whereas others might drive past fast-food restaurants and treat themselves. If you want to make changes, you must know how to recognize your triggers and ignore the temptation. You could do this by changing your route home so you’re not exposed to triggers, or it could be replacing your bad habit with something else, like push-ups or a quick snack. You may still have these triggers afterward, but they will encourage something positive rather than a bad habit. 

Outline the Benefits 

If you are struggling to convince yourself to kick bad habits, you can always outline the benefits. Breaking bad habits for good comes with a variety of health benefits, but also social benefits that can boost self-esteem and improve your life. Write down these benefits on an app on your phone or in a journal. If you ever feel you’re straying towards your bad habit, check the list and remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place. 

Find Out If Big or Small Works Best 

Some people can drop a bad habit like, well, a bad habit, but not everyone can do so. You must work out whether you can go big or small when looking to break a habit for good. Some habits are more consuming than others, so you may need to queen yourself off them. On the other hand, you may find yourself capable of ditching your bad habit entirely. You’ll still need to resist temptation, but going totally cold turkey can work for some. 

Find Support 

Many people try for years and even decades without making satisfying progress, and it might affect their relationships and their career. If you find it difficult to drop bad habits for good, you can find support. This could come from friends, family, local support groups, or even a rehab facility if the issue gets too severe. Those who take this approach will feel more confident, and they don't need to struggle through their issues alone, which often causes people to stumble when trying to make a change. 


You will not overcome your bad habits overnight. Like many things in life, it takes dedication and discipline. But, the longer you work for it, the easier it becomes. Eventually, you’ll wonder why you ever cared about your bad habits at all, and this can set you up for a healthier and happier life. 

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