Friday, November 19, 2021

What's A Thoughtful Gift For A Loved One?

 What is a thoughtful gift? Most people agree that thoughtful and meaningful presents are not store-bought. An off-the-shelf gift is unlikely to convey the right message when you want to surprise a loved one for their birthday or plan a unique present for your significant other for your anniversary. 

In other words, a thoughtful present is something the recipient could not find anywhere else. DIY, do-it-yourself- takes a new meaning when you input your affection in it. It becomes a DIL gift, a done-in-love gift. Here are 4 ideas that will show how much you care. 

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Write Them A Song

If you can play an instrument and are a confident singer, it's worth considering writing a personal song. Everyone loves a sentimental ballad that takes them down memory lane, marking the important moments of your relationship. Why not practice and create a song for them? You can even get your song on Spotify so that they can share it with friends and relatives. Alternatively, you can also make it an intimate surprise, choosing to play gently by the open fire on a guitar when there's only the two of you. Your loved one will be touched all the same!


Make Matching Winter Accessories

Winter is the best season for amateur knitters. You don't need to be an expert to knit a stylish hat or a scarf for the cold weather. But it can be a thoughtful present they will not find anywhere else. It's worth checking the latest trends so you can take inspiration from the current winter accessories. For couples, matching sets are a must-have. You could match scarves or knitted beanies for your winter outfits! 

Build A Unique 3D Photo Holder

Every bestie or couple has a selection of favorite pictures recording the moments they spent together. From holidays abroad to day-to-day occasions, we all have meaningful photos that give us strength. But it can be tricky to choose just one photo to frame as a gift. So, why not consider a DIY project that lets you use all your favorite photos? If you are not familiar with the photo cube, it's a great way of showcasing your best moments together. The memory cube lets you display many photos simultaneously and can constantly change shape depending on your mood. Alternatively, if you want to have many photos, you can also create individual coasters with a different image each or turn a collage into a clothing item. 

Write A Diary of Your Love

A diary is essentially a collection of thoughts throughout a defined period, such as a year. It can be a thoughtful gift to prepare a diary of your relationship, writing notes and memories over a year. It is a long present to prepare, but it can be immensely impactful and meaningful. 

You can start with a simple A5 journal, using collage and cutting methods to embellish it. For couples, the diary of love could be an annual gift for each anniversary, marking the most meaningful and memorable moments of the past year together. 

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make your loved one an unforgettable present for a special occasion? Thoughtfulness is not something you can buy in a shop. On the contrary, thoughtfulness requires attention, time, and effort. But the smile on your loved one's face will be your reward. 

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