Monday, November 8, 2021

Choosing The Best Winter Accessories

 As the weather changes, you want to start thinking about how you can style your look with some accessories that can make you look good and protect you from the elements. Just because the weather is dark and gloomy, it doesn't mean your style needs to replicate this.

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A beanie is your best friend when the weather changes. A well-knitted beanie can come in many different designs and colors, and you can choose one or more to help keep you warm. Many beanies are made using acrylic, but a wool or merino style beanie can help keep your hat in shape for wearing year after year. A good tip is to buy a beanie that doesn't have a turn-back cuff and has a looser fit and ribbing, allowing you to adjust it easier.

If beanies aren't your thing, then you can look at bucket hats, trapper style hats,


Whether you want printed scarves or plain ones, silk or knitted, there are a plethora of scarves on the market that can help you style up your winter look easier and benefit from the protection a good scarf can offer. The best part is, scarfs take up little room but, depending on the material, can be used all year round. Opt for wool or silk scarves that can last the test of time and be used frequently over the years.

How about using a fleece snood that sits around your neck and can be adjusted as you wish? A snood doesn't need to be wrapped like a scarf and is a great alternative.


Boots are an integral part of any winter wardrobe. They can be practical and stylish at the same time. Whether you want to choose a high-end pair such as Dr. Martens or you, prefer the style and materials used in a pair of UGG boots. A popular technique that comes back year after year is the biker-style boot with laces and embellishments as you wish. Alternatively, choose a pair of stylish wellies to help you avoid soggy wet feet this winter.


We all know gloves come in many different styles and sizes, but when the temperatures drop, you can choose a pair of gloves that can protect your hands and fingers. Cashmere gloves are ultimate in luxury and will keep your fingers warm and toasty. For added sophistication, you want to look for lined or quilted leather gloves that are comfortable and practical. Fleece or insulated gloves can help freeze temperatures.

Winter Coats

Trench coats have long been a staple in winter wardrobes, and their length is optimal for full-body coverage. However, for extra warmth, looking for faux fur or fleece-lined outerwear can not only increase comfort and style but keep you warmer too. It is worth remembering that wool and nylon often perform best when it comes to getting retaining properties meaning if you want a cot that keeps you warmer for longer when out and about if you choose one of the qualities, you can benefit from this.

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