Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Must-Have Accessories to Complete Your Look

There’s a steadfast style rule that you can wear basic clothing, but if you have stylish, high-quality accessories, you will always look high fashion. It’s true! You can stick with a cheap, all black ensemble, but if you pair it with a pair of red-bottom heels, an expensive watch and make sure that your hair and makeup are on point, you’ll stand out from the crowd regardless. Your choice of accessories can really vamp up your look. Not only that, but the accessories that you choose can speak volumes about your personality and general interests. So never underestimate the power of a well-chosen added extra for your outfit. Here are a few must-have accessories and what they will say about you and your personality.


Rings have become increasingly popular over the past few fashion seasons. But styles are so varied that it can be difficult to pick. Think of stackable rings, Pandora rings and nostalgic mood rings and the different implications that wearing each can have. Nostalgic rings show that you’re up to date with young trends. The 90s are back in and if you’re the type to wear chokers, flatforms and space buns, mood rings will perfectly compliment your style. Pandora rings have shot up in popularity, so wearing one will show a preference for the pretty things in life, but someone who plays it safe and sticks to the high street. Stackable rings show a sense of experimentation and playfulness, as you pick and choose individual rings to build your personal, signature style. But there is one ring that will never go out of fashion: the engagement ring. This should be a huge investment piece, so choose wisely. Choose a reliable and established designer. It’s simple. Why rush into buying a ring you’re not particularly fond of when you can buy tacori rings online and have a beautifully crafted work of art on your ring finger!

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A Watch

The necessity of watches for their traditional purpose of timekeeping has dwindled over the past couple of decades. When we need to check the clock, we reach into our purse and pull out our cell phone. It’s second nature to most of us by now. But that hasn’t stopped the booming sales of watches. Why? Because they serve so much more of a purpose than just telling the time. Nowadays there are two types of watches. The first still serve a mainly practical purpose. Think of FitBits and sports watches. These are wearable pieces of technology. The FitBit can monitor your heart rate, track your sleeping patterns and wake you up in the mornings, as well as telling the time. Sports watches are designed for those times when you probably don’t have your cell phone on you. When you’re working out, swimming, running or taking part in other activities. These will tell you the time while remaining water-resistant and shockproof. The second type of watches serves a wholly different purpose: aesthetic. They are there to add a little extra something to your look. Think of quirky designers like Vivienne Westwood. Wearing one of these watches will show that you’re open to alternative fashion. On the other hand, brands such as Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors offer statement pieces that exemplify your love of bling and glamor. So while a go-to watch is an absolute must-have, pick carefully. It will help to define you as a person, so choose something that is perfect.

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