Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Rights: Do You Know Yours?

 In a world where everyone seems only too willing to use the line “I know my rights!” we thought it might be time to make sure that you do.

The media and the press often present situations that are not entirely in line with what you may or may not be entitled to under the law. Legal protections in America are vast, but they’re not all-encompassing. As we’ve witnessed recently with the rise of individuals trying to access shops or retail services without wearing masks - they’re not necessarily, automatic or a given.

So how can you stay on top of your legal rights and responsibilities and know when to pull that card?

We’ve broken this down into the top 5 areas where Americans are likely to come into contact with the law.

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This well-trod and worn road is still the most significant area for those seeking legal recourse outside the corporate litigation environment. 

But it’s not as clear-cut as my boss offended me. American courts are growing tired of frivolous claims and legal proceedings that clog up the system and waste taxpayer dollars. So unless you know that you have a solid case, you may want to seek alternative remedies before pursuing the courts. Arbitration and independent hearings are all possibilities, and don’t be swayed by attorneys promising “sue now, pay later” offers - they could cost you more than you think.


For all other types of discriminatory cases, you have access to seek legal recourse when you’ve been discriminated against in retail stores or when you’ve experienced racist or defamatory speech from a neighbor or any other person.  Again, you’ll have to be able to prove this, so seek the advice of duly qualified legal counsel before pursuing any action.


We held our healthcare practitioners to a higher standard for the longest time and dared not question them when mistakes were made, however innocently. Those days are behind us, and now we hold them to the same standard as any other service provider. This means that if you’ve received sub-standard or unsatisfactory healthcare and your provider isn’t willing to come to the party; then you may need medical malpractice attorneys.


This area of the law covers consumer rights as much as the delivery of goods and services is concerned. An increasing number of Americans are availing themselves of the rights they are entitled to under the law when dealing with contractors, online retailers, service providers, and more.

The advice is always to seek an amicable outcome. First, this will allow the offending party to make redress and attempt to correct the situation, and If that fails, you’ll have an even stronger case moving forward. Keep all paperwork, communications like emails and online messages readily available. Increasingly, this includes mortgage brokers and real estate agents. You had to consider many things and do extensive planning before buying your home, so it pays to take it seriously.


We’re committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our tiny humans to flourish in, but sometimes that doesn’t always go according to plan. From playground discrimination at schools to outright malicious behavior at universities, it doesn’t stand to reason that every person that comes into contact with our kids will automatically have their best intentions at heart.

It’s always good advice to take some time and do some research about the rights and responsibilities that you enjoy on a civil level in your state and community. Knowledge is, after all, power.

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