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6 Ways To Improve Your Fitness Levels At Home


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If you can't afford or don't want to visit your local gym, there are other ways to improve your fitness levels. You could spend more time outdoors, for example, jogging, running, or cycling around your local area. You could also join a sports team or take part in an active hobby. However, while these are all good ideas, you don't even need to step out of your front door if you want to keep fit. There are things you can do to improve your fitness levels at home, so consider the following ideas. 

#1: Create a home gym

Why pay the price of a gym membership when you can create your very own gym at home! You can purchase the various pieces of equipment you might use at a gym and use them at your leisure, without having to wait in line with other gym users. From cardio equipment to the protective flooring you will need for your home gym, check out the various fitness items at the Iron Company. Check out fitness stores in your locale too, and buy according to your budget. 

For more advice, check out our tips on how to hone your home gym.

#2: Try total body workouts

You don't always need equipment to stay fit as it is possible to exercise using a variety of different body techniques. Push-ups, squats, and plank walks are just some of the exercises you can do at home but these are just the tip of an exercise iceberg! There are lots of exercise videos on YouTube and you might even have a copy of an old workout video hiding away in your basement. Get started with this full-body workout for beginners and then look for other ideas online. 

#3: Enjoy a virtual workout session

You don't need to visit your local gym to benefit from a fitness coach as there are coaches you can source online. We aren't talking about the people you can watch on YouTube videos either, as you can hire your very own coach to give you a personalized workout session. Check out Trainiac to find a personal trainer that is right for you, or use one of the many other sites online that can offer you a similar service. 

#4: Get fit while doing the housework

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Housework is a chore (literally), we know, but it is good for your fitness levels. Vacuuming is a great way to work out your abdominal muscles, for example, and cleaning your windows can do much for your lower back muscles. You can also practice common exercise techniques when you're doing your chores, as you can see from these housework workout examples. You will soon burn off those calories when you're busying yourself around the house so both you and your home will benefit from the work you put in. 

#5: Play active games with your family

If you have a family, you will want to encourage them to exercise too. Getting them to do the housework could be difficult and they might be more than a little resistant to your vintage Jane Fonda workout DVDs. However, you can put the fun into exercise by playing a few games with them, be that indoors in your living room or outside in your garden. You could play tig games or have fun with a ball (best not played indoors), and play any one of these active games with your kids. Your kids will have a blast and it will get them away from their screens, and you will have the opportunity to keep fit and bond with your family.  

#6: Play video games

Okay, so we know we have just encouraged you to get your kids away from their screens. However, not all screen time is bad, especially when it can be incorporated with exercise. There are quite a lot of video games that require movement and we are talking about more than just your fingers and thumbs. There are lots of VR games that require a lot of movement, so you might consider buying an Oculus Rift or a VR set for the Playstation 4 if you have that console. There are lots of dedicated dance and fitness games for all the major game consoles too. Check out these active video games if you need a few examples.

These are just a few of the ways you can keep fit at home, so we hope they were useful to you. You will be burning your calories and honing your body muscles in no time with these ideas, so do what you can at home to help you meet your fitness goals. 

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