Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Hone Your Home Gym

With more of us living busier lives than ever before, fitting in fitness time in between family, work and social commitments can be very challenging. A great solution to this problem is by having your own home gym so you can work out without leaving the comfort of your house. Many people are put off by the perceived expense of doing this, but you can also set up a home gym on a budget as well. So, in this article, we will take a closer look firstly at where in the house you should choose and then the type of equipment you could go for.

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Choose the Location

First of all, your home gym will ideally be in a low-traffic area of the home. This essentially means somewhere that you won’t constantly be interrupted every five minutes! If you have a place where you can shut the door and close off the rest of the world while you are exercising this is the ideal place. You also may want to personalise the space with some motivational posters and your own workout playlist. If you can’t dedicate a whole room, you should at least have enough space so you can do your exercises comfortably.

Other considerations that you should make when you are looking for a location include what the floor and ceiling are like. With regards to the ceiling, you will want somewhere that you can jump up without hitting your head and possibly hang up some equipment. The floor should provide you with a soft surface or at least somewhere that you can comfortably lay out a mat or two. And if you can position yourself in front of a mirror, you will better be able to examine your form so that your workouts are as effective as they can be.

Select Your Equipment

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The type of equipment that you choose really does depend on your own individual workout regime. But a good set of dumbbells are pretty universal or alternatively you could go for some adjustable ones which will save you a whole load of space. Resistance bands are also a great addition to your home gym as they are versatile and also lightweight. A pull-up bar also doesn’t take up too much room and you can really build upper body strength.

Many people also choose at least one big-ticket item such as a treadmill or rowing machine. Check out a Maxi Climber review for something a little different. If you are passionate about lifting weights, you could go for a workout bench to give you a good base from which to do this. And if you need to relieve some of your soreness, a foam roller can help to each tension and reduce muscle pain.

Ultimately, a home gym can be created with just a couple of simple pieces of equipment in a quiet environment. Over time, you can start to build up your gym to a fantastic workout station.

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