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Building A Good Skin Routine For A Healthy Glow


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Achieving beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight. Skin responds to routine, products that work perfectly and a healthy lifestyle. There is no room for compromise. Whether you want to achieve glowy skin or clearer skin, the same tips apply. Whilst products may vary, the general routine of the skin will remain the same. That is why you can work to create healthy, youthful skin as long as your body allows.

Drink plenty of water

If you don't drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, your skin is in trouble. Water is the first source of moisture for your skin. If you do not have good hydration, your lips will crack, your skin will be rough and feel tight. Hydrated skin is both fresher and more supple. Another tip is to drink coconut water. This is more hydrating than water and often a favorite. You should drink around seven glasses a day for your physical health also. The two naturally  tie into one another. 

Lemon and pineapple?!  

Lemon and pineapple are the all-time favorites for homemade face masks. Both foods are rich in vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acid. These help to form collagen on your skin while the latter improves fine lines and reduces existing wrinkles. Pineapple is also rich in bromelain, a mixture of enzymes that helps get rid of dead skin cells. Eating lemon and pineapple largely helps to maintain a youthful-looking skin. For an extra boost, use these two foods as face masks. Rub a slice of lemon or pineapple on your face with a circular movement, being careful not to irritate the skin of the cheeks, forehead and chin. Vitamin C is also found in copious amounts in avocados. That is why we see so many skin products with avocado as a main ingredient. Ingesting vitamin C is the best way to boost the immune system which in turn brightens the skin.

A healthy lifestyle

Get enough sleep, don't spend too much time in the sun, exercise and eat a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables. If you follow previous tips by leading a stressful lifestyle, the effects will be less effective. You must exercise as much as possible and sleep as much as possible. You may want to include swimming, cycling or walks in the park. Of course, during the harsh winter months, your skin will be prone to dryness. However, summer also dries out the skin. Therefore if you suffer with permanent dry skin, opt for a thick moisturizer that really soaks into the skin. 

Leave it to science

Choosing the best products is vital. It’s best to buy skincare backed by science, that is 100% effective in helping your skin heal and rejuvenate. You can get advice from a professional or dermatologist to find the best products for you. Often we don’t know how to treat our skin properly. People with oily skin for example, must still hydrate their skin. Therefore you need to be aware of the products that are best. 

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