Friday, September 29, 2017

Perfect Autumn Hairstyles Advice


With autumn now in full swing, the majority of us are switching our looks from warm and bright summer colours into warmer autumnal hues that offer a little more protection from the cold. While we’re all familiar with a change of fashion style as the seasons evolve, there’s plenty of other ways your look can change as you (albeit potentially reluctantly) seek to embrace the new season.

Today, let’s focus on hair. Your hair will feel the change of season just like your skin will, so it might be in need of a little TLC. There’s also new looks and hairstyles you might want to try, so you at least have something to smile about through the autumn.

#1 - Only Try An On-Trend Style If It Suits You

When it comes to style, trends are just as likely to appear for hair as they are for clothing. The latest catwalk trends have brought together a number of similar themes that we’re all meant to be aiming for when it comes to autumnal tresses:

  • Once a hair trend we all looked back on with horror, fame-framing tendrils of hair on either side of the face are very much back in fashion. The tendrils themselves are longer and more curled in 2017, which at least makes them a little more wearable.
  • Ponytails are being worn loose and against the nape of the neck, often with a clip of some sort rather than a simple bobble.
  • Hair swept back off the face and then secured in place either with hairspray or clips is also popular.

These styles are all well and good, and on some people, they will look fantastic. However, they’re not going to look good on everyone. If you try to hear to wear a style that fundamentally doesn’t suit you just because it’s on trend, you’re not going to do yourself any favours. So play with the trends if you like them, but there’s never any need to rigidly adhere to them.

#2 - Wear Hair Long And Loose For Extra Warmth

If you’re in need of an extra layer to keep you warm on those cool autumn mornings, then wearing your hair loose is the best option. If you don’t have long hair, then the likes of Glam Seamless have a range of easy-to-use extensions to provide you with a bit more coverage. Hair just worn loose can sometimes be a little dull, so why not try pinning part of your hair back or creating a half-up-half-down style?

#3 - Take Care Of Your Hair For High Shine

Autumn is a dry season, even if the weather outside doesn’t quite concur. The air is drier, meaning that you’re going to need to take extra steps to give your hair a boost of shine. In fact, this year more than ever; extra-shiny hair was a feature in numerous catwalk shows, and this is one trend that will suit everyone.

One of the best ways of helping your hair out is to use a mask two or three times per week. You can buy these in the shops, or maybe try making your own so you can personalise it to your needs.

Do you have any essential autumn haircare tips?

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