Friday, September 29, 2017

Kick Start Your Fitness

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Whether you’re a fitness pro, an utter newbie or somewhere in the middle, starting a new fitness regime can seem daunting. But never fear! Preparing for your new venture doesn’t have to be - and with the right prep, the workout will be a breeze.

The Right Gear

Starting at the foundations, you need to get the right gear for your workout. Let’s say you’re taking up road-biking - you will find that padded bike shorts will save you a lot a pain and discomfort than regular gym shorts. The same goes for weight lifting - you might want to invest in weight gloves, to help your grip and to prevent calluses forming on your palms. General active-wear is great for all activities, but equip yourself with a varied wardrobe if you are working out outside. And strap those chests in place with the right sized sports bra.

Your shoes are another important part of your gear; different shoes are more suited to different things. Running shoes have specific padding that acts as shock absorbers, and biking shoes have more grip. Check reviews for different shoes, like the one for walking shoes found on WomensWalkingShoeReview.com. You wouldn’t see a football player without studs, so why would you go without the right footwear?

The Right Equipment

When going to the gym, it’s important that you go with a plan. Don’t just wander around and spend a minute here and a minute there. Know before hand what you are going to do. And choose the right things. If you are going for the express reason of building up your cardio, then head straight over to the treadmill.

When it comes to weights, look for advice before starting - you can find some on choosing the right weight on dailyburn.com. Don’t start too heavy, remember that it will get heavy with each rep. So start light and build yourself up over time.

The Right Food

There is no point starting to workout if you’re not eating the right food. You won’t lose weight while you’re still eating takeout every night, nor will you bulk up while on a low-protein diet. Match your food to your workouts, and time your snacks; a high protein snack before your workout will keep your energy high, and a smart food bar after will curb those post-workout cravings.

The Right Routine
Get yourself into a routine for your fitness. If you do things sporadically, then your hard work won’t be anywhere near as effective. You need to organize when you are going to be going for a run, or going to the gym, and try and keep those times regular each week. This routine will help your fitness, and it will help your willpower. If you have it in the diary like you would an appointment you are less likely to miss it. And after a while, your body will come to expect the workout at those times, and you’ll find yourself gearing up for it.  

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