Friday, September 29, 2017

Modern Uses For Old School Tech

It’s fair to say that modern tech is constantly evolving. It’s hard to believe that iPhones have only been in the public consciousness for a decade; before the 2007 launch, how did any of us spend our time without constantly being able to check social media and read our favorite sites? Tech changes the world at an ever-more rapid pace.

While this is wonderful and is offering us all opportunities we once would never have been able to experience, there are a few downsides too. The most obvious of these is how quickly technology -- that was once considered so essential and innovative -- begins a shift towards obsolescence. You probably have old tech cluttering up your house that you’ve been meaning to throw out, but could there still be a use for it even in the high-tech modern world?

Fax Machines

Fax machines have, for the most part, vanished from general usage. However, they still remain one of the best ways to send and receive information, especially documents or contracts that need to be signed and returned. If you still have a fax machine languishing at home or work, then it genuinely can still be useful for contracts and other signed documentation. Spend some time comparing online fax providers and sign up with one that suits you, guaranteeing your fax machine a new lease of life.

Fax machines can be especially useful if your internet connection is less than reliable, so it’s well worth keeping them around even in the 21st century.

First Generation Feature Phones

Compared to the smartphones of the current world, old-style “feature phones” have been abandoned in recent years. There’s a reason for that; the “features” tended to involve basic call handling and maybe the occasional game, but nothing beyond that. The screens are small, tough to see in the dark, and the call quality might not be the best.

However, there’s still a place in your life for a phone that just makes phone calls and sends texts. For one thing, the battery life tends to be much better, so carrying a feature phone in your car ensures you’ll never be out of contact. This is especially important given how unreliable smartphone batteries are; you don’t want to suffer a breakdown and suddenly have your phone battery give out, stranding you in the middle of nowhere.

A feature phone is also a useful starter phone for your kids; you can keep in contact without having to worry about them running up data charges.

DVD Players

There are plenty of classic movies that are being remastered for Blu-Ray, but the process is frustratingly slow -- even some of the most beloved films of all time still don’t have a Blu-Ray release. So keep your DVD player around for a few more years if you might want to watch any TV or movie made prior to 2010. While streaming and Blue-Ray will undoubtedly encompass entire back catalogs eventually, for the moment, there’s still a place for a DVD player in your home.
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