Thursday, June 8, 2017

Quick Tips to Get Your Family Ready to Move

Are you looking for a new place to relocate your family? Been there, done that, so believe me when I say that this experience is one part exciting and most part tedious especially when you have to help the entire family transition, but it can be enlightening too.
If you’re finding it hard to break it to the kids, or unsure how to go through with the moving out phase, then this article will help you.

Work it out with your spouse. If one of you needs to give up an employment position or going away from friends and family to support the other in their career plans, you need to make special consideration to make sure that the move is beneficial for the entire family. Help your spouse move by knowing what they need and how the move will affect him or her.
Talking with the kids. Small children often feel scared when told they’re moving. They may feel uncertain and have a sense that their world is falling down. And because a child's home is their world, a world they associate with safety, family, and love, the mere thought of it no longer existing can feel frightening.
When it comes to teens and older children, the distress of leaving their friends, teachers, their school and an accustomed routine can be similarly hard. For both young children teens who will move, there are certain things you can do to help the adjustment period and make it smoother.
  • Be ready for questions and be honest with the answers. One of the best way is to involve them in this big life-changing event and be open to questions.
  • Show them the new location. Boast their room plan and encourage them to plan it too.
  • Plan for a fun goodbye, a final slumber party for kids or home get together for teens is a good idea.
  • Have your teen with you when registering them for school for a quick campus tour. You may also suggest they research the new town or city with you.
Helping older family members. If you have older family members with you when moving, you need to be extra gentle and considerate with regards to the new location, its build style, and the community itself. Being kind may be a given, but help with everything including packing and assisting with everything they need from medical needs to emotional support. Take their prized possessions with you when you move so that the new home will look a bit similar to their old one.
Allow plenty of time so that your parents don't feel hurried. sifting through years of stuff is hard and emotionally painful. Give them the time they need to absorb the change.
What’s the goal of your move? Is the house too old? Neighbourhood too rough? Community too far away from the CBD? Career change? Researching for that one right home can be tough and confusing particularly when you consider the entire family.
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That’s it! Hope you have a good home transition. Best of luck!

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