Friday, July 31, 2015

Gluten-Free? Have Your Bison Burger and the Bun Too at Ted's Montana Grill?

Just ten years ago, gluten-intolerance levels were at 1 in 2,500 worldwide. Today, gluten intolerance affects 1 in 133 people. With the rise of Celiac disease diagnoses expected to reach 60 percent by 2019, along with the increase of people choosing to eat gluten-free for a healthier diet, gluten-free options are in high demand when dining out. Thankfully, Ted’s Montana Grill has added gluten-free buns from Pure Knead bakery to its menu. In fact, Ted’s Montana Grill has an entire gluten-free menu, including gluten-free fries made through a detailed frying process that are perfect to accompany your bison burger! {Complimentary meal at a local Ted's Montana Grill was provided}

Ted’s Montana Grill’s sought-after, All-Natural Bison and Certified Angus Beef® burgers are now even more enticing. The classic American restaurant has added gluten-free buns to all 13 Atlanta-area locations through its partnership with Pure Knead, an allergy-friendly local bakery in Decatur.

Ted’s Montana Grill selected Pure Knead due to its mission of bringing convenience, great taste and safety back to the dining experience for those with food allergies. Guests can also enjoy a large selection of bison or beef burgers paired with hand-cut French fries for a 100 percent gluten-free meal.

“Details are everything at Ted’s, and keeping our guests’ dietary restrictions top of mind is essential," said George McKerrow, co-founder & chief executive officer of Ted’s Montana Grill. “We are committed to providing carefully selected, locally-sourced ingredients, and we are confident our partnership with Pure Knead will provide a delicious, fresh gluten-free option.”

The gluten-free bun addition complements Ted’s Montana Grill’s gluten-free menu, which was honored with the “Best Gluten-Free Restaurant Chain” award in 2012. Introduced in 2005, the gluten-free menu includes a variety of items ranging from appetizers and salads to classics such as Cedar Plank Salmon and a specialty Bison Filet, bison burgers, fresh sides, a kids menu and desserts. Hand-cut French fries at Ted’s Montana Grill are gluten-free due to its detailed frying process.

Though my husband and I are not limited to a gluten-free diet, we thoroughly enjoyed the selections that we were able to choose from! Everything that we had {except for the onion rings} were gluten free...and DELICIOUS! He chose a Bison Blue Creek Burger {it has blue cheese crumbles and bacon}, while I opted for the Bison Avalon Burger {gruyere, carmelized bacon and onions, arugula, and a yummy aoli} - with both burgers on a gluten free bun from Pure Knead. I can assure you, the buns were as good as any regular bun I've ever eaten! 

So whether you have a gluten allergy or not  - now's the perfect time to plan a meal at Ted's Montana Grill! You can thank me later, HA! Until next time...

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