Sunday, May 17, 2015

Getting In Shape with Road Runner Sports (Sponsored Post)

I wish I could say that I love running. I know it is great for you, but ehhhh. Now that I'm focused on losing weight and being healthier, I'm really trying to give it a shot and become a runner {like my dad}, so I knew that I had to JUMP on the opportunity to become an Ambassador for Road Runner Sports!
I was invited to visit a Road Runner Sports location in my area {you can find one in your area here} and was absolutely blown away with my experience. The entire staff is so knowledgeable about not only the products {apparel, shoes, accessories, etc.} but about running - it was an incredibly motivational visit. I left the store with shoes AND inspiration to get out there are run! So shortly after being properly equipped with these awesome Brooks Running Shoes, custom orthotics, and Thin Cushion DryMax socks {because now I know that socks and inserts are just as important as the shoes when it comes to this running thing}, I decided to just jump in the deep end - and signed up for a 5k race with my oldest daughter. 

Peyton took this picture near the beginning of the race - while I was still excited about the race...

I made the mistake of not training for this race... AT ALL! But, I finished! And not last! Somewhere along the way, probably 2/3 of the way through, I truly wanted to give up. But I didn't. And that's how I want to continue the rest of this fitness/weight loss journey.

Peyton and I after we crossed the finish line

I've discovered along my path to weight loss and better health, that the hardest {and easiest} thing to do is take that first step. After that, all you have to do is just keep going! Take it from someone who has despised running since middle school, a visit to Road Runner Sports is just the kick in the pants you need if you are interested in picking up this healthy habit. It has helped motivate me to actually run my first 5K - and now I'm going to start training to do another one {I'll keep you all updated on that}! I've got just about everything I need to be legit: the goodies I scored at Road Runner Sports {my next post in this four-post series will focus on my visit} and the will to do it! Are you a runner? What helps you get out there? Let me know! Until next time...

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