Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pour Homme: Get Grooming with GO 24/7

For men, there's a fine line between being slovenly and putting too much effort into their hygiene routine {it's a bit of a turn off if he spends more time getting ready than you do}. Here are a few tips that will help your man stay right on track!

GO 24•7 Men’s Grooming collection {products sent for review consideration} is designed for the modern man – a man that knows his style and his grooming needs. The collection is made up of products that focus on what he wants. Give him exactly what he needs {and keep him for using up all of your products in the process}! Here are some of the products that will allow him to swap out yours for his:

 Hairspray: The Control Spray ($19.95) offers extra strong hold, dries quickly, does not flake and has a shiny finish.

 Lip Balm: This Lip Balm ($3.95) {sent for review} is a moisturizing formula that will heal damaged skin, offer defense from environmental stresses and comes in a nice minty scent {that both the hubby and I love; also, he's a total lip balm snob, and this is one of the few ones I've offered him that he actually likes and uses}.

Hair Gel: This incredible volumizing Hair Gel ($15.95) gives control with a lightweight, clean feel.

Moisturizer: GO 24•7 Moisturizer ($18.95) {sent for review} is a great SPF moisturizer {I love that it has SPF, because the hubby would not wear any otherwise}, that will smooth out your skin, block UV rays and keep moisture in.

Cleanse:  A two-in-one product is the perfect short-cut to your morning routine. Try the Face & Bald Cleanser from GO 24•7 ($17.95). It’s gentle enough to use on every face, hair or no hair – and bald head.

Shaving: Want to know how to achieve the right amount of “scruff”, as seen on celebrities like Adam Levine and Ryan Reynolds? Start by using a scrub, like GO 24•7 Face Scrub ($15.95),  to remove debris from face and to unclog any pores and ingrown hairs. Instead of shaving every day, trim your facial hair every 2-3 days. When you do so, liberally apply the GO 24•7 Face & Bald Shave Cream ($15.95) to your face and neck before removing hair. It also helps to use a hot towel to open the pores before shaving and a cold towel after. This will help prevent redness and nicks.

All GO 24•7 products can be found on go247men.com. Until next time...

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