Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Son of Mars

Son of Mars 

I’ll admit it…I was one of those kids that just had to be the first in line to get my new pair of Air Jordan’s. I remember it well. It was 8th grade graduation when my sister bought me my first pair of Air Jordan 6’s, and right away I was hooked. From that moment, a continual cycle of trying to justify to my mother why it was worth spending $150.00 for a pair of sneakers began, and needless to say, my love affair with Jordan sneakers has continued twenty years later. Strange you say? Perhaps to some, but let me assure you that the Jordan experience is like no other. I’ve had many, dare I say elite sneakers in my day, but none have ever compared.

Son of Mars (Hi) in Black/Grape Ice/White

I was recently in Foot Locker and spotted the Jordan Son of Mars. Now, I’ll be honest…for those that aren’t at least a little fashion aware or haven’t been exposed to the Jordan brand, you may not understand these sneakers, but for those that pay attention to quality and details, we get it. For those that understand the long lineage of Jordan sneakers, we totally understand. Obviously born from the designs of its predecessors, all of which featured old school ads featuring Spike Lee, the Son of Mars balances a little bit of the old with just enough of the new to create another legendary sneaker.

Son of Mars in Black/Grape Ice/White

Lookwise, it’s a winner. Comfort wise, it’s a winner. Brand wise, it’s a winner. Take the word of someone that knows. Spending a little more money on a pair of Jordan brand sneakers is well worth it. In fact, my mother recently unearthed a plastic bag of sneakers from her basement and found all of my vintage Jordans intact. Granted, all of my sneakers were not Jordan’s back then, but it’s no coincidence that only the Jordan’s survived over 20 years. Sure they have a few bumps and bruises but quality products stand the test of time, and considering that most cars don’t last this long, 20 years for sneakers isn’t bad.

Son of Mars in Game Royal and Pimento (to be released on 6/29/13) (photo source: http://www.nike.com/jumpman23/)

Available in Tour Yellow and Grape Ice, Black and Grape Ice and soon to be released Game Royal and Pimento (Release Date 6/29/13), the Son of Mars sneakers are perfect for spring and summer. When it comes to sneakers, the Jordan brand has been known for creating winners, and the Son of Mars doesn’t disappoint. Eye catching enough to impress onlookers, and comfortable enough to walk the pavement for hours, the Son of Mars lives up to its lineage and personifies the man that stands behind the brand.

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