Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quickie Review: NuGlow Revitaleze Ultra Repair Body Cream

NuGlow Revitaleze Ultra Repair Body Cream

NuGlow Revitaleze Ultra Repair Body Cream {product sent for review purposes} combines potent Ayurvedic restorative herbs, plant based nutrients and organic MSM for an extremely effective bio-corrective matrix that nourishes and restores even the most troubled or damaged skin. 

Um... I LOVE this cream! Though my face tends to be oily, the rest of the skin on my body is dry {we're talking Sahara}. I probably don't help the matter by not drinking enough water {I'm working on it} and not really moisturizing enough. That's actually why I really like this cream-unlike other lotions, oils, creams, potions, etc. I can put this on once in the morning and not have to worry about any trace of dryness later in the day. The fragrance is very light {almost indiscernible unless you stick your nose in the jar and inhale deeply}, so you can layer whatever smell goods you want to on top without worry of interference. Though it's thicker than a traditional lotion, it is a lightweight cream, so it soaks into the skin beautifully and leaves it feeling soft but not greasy. It's not sticky or tacky and it even works on my rough hands and feet. 

Now the downside... it's awfully expensive. It retails for $79.95 unless you sign up to be a member on the site. Membership is free, and comes with a 50% discount on all regularly priced items, but it also entails signing up for regular shipments of products every two months. Sooo... do with that what you will. I can't honestly tell you that I would come out of pocket to repurchase this {whether at full or half price} but that's just me {and my budget}. I am super happy that I received this for review AND I will be using it down to the last drop, so you can take that for what it's worth! Until next time...

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