Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maker's Mark AKA: A Very Manly Drink of the Week

Like most people, after a long stressful day, I enjoy putting my feet up and sipping on something a little more potent than the Sunny D in fridge. Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a whiskey drinker, but with my New Year’s resolution #5 being “trying new things” I decided to go outside my comfort zone. Perusing the aisles looking for a new brand of liquid relaxation to add to my favorites list, I asked the salesman for a good whiskey and he immediately directed me to Maker’s Mark.

Now like I stated earlier, I am not a whiskey drinker (not because I don’t like it, just because I’ve simply never taken the time to really try it). For the most part, I’ve always enjoyed a good lager or anything with vodka or rum, but honestly, as I examined the bottle of Maker’s Mark, there was something that just made me feel confident in its quality. The packaging has character. From the vintage, yet simplistic labeling, to the unique, brand defining wax bottle seal, I felt like it was worthy of a place behind my bar. And quite honestly, when I got home and added it to my collection, it was a proud moment, a man-moment seemingly worthy of my New Year’s resolution archives, but there was still one more defining test…the taste.

I had done my research, and from the people I spoke to, to the advice that I found online, the consensus was to add a cube of ice, maybe even two, and let it sit for a minute. Being the whiskey novice that I am, I decided to listen. It was a slow count to 60 seconds, but as I raised the glass, I had to pause and appreciate the aroma. With so many different aromatic notes playing on my senses, it would be a crime not to acknowledge them. Caramel, hints of vanilla, and the slightest scent of honey and other woody elements all combine to create this awesome, warm, almost intoxicating aroma. It’s quite impressive, and for a whiskey novice like me to even care about the aroma is a real testament to the quality of Maker’s Mark.

Finally, it was time for the taste test. I repeated my mantra, “One small sip for man…one giant sip for mankind!” From the first sip I knew this was a serious drink…no gimmicks, no bells, no whistles, just good quality whiskey. Despite its obvious potency, it’s very elegant. It’s sweet, but powerful, and with the combined forces of the taste and aroma, it’s quite the experience. Thanks to Maker’s Mark, I now understand the allure of good whiskey, and better yet, I have an appreciation for the brand. There really are no words that I can say that can truly convey this brand, so may I suggest you head to the your nearest package store and give it a try. It may be slightly pricier than some of its competitors, but when it comes to certain things in life, there is no substitute for quality. Thanks Maker’s Mark for a job well done!

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