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Monday, April 15, 2013

Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask

Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask

I've had this mask for a while {Reviva Labs graciously sent it out to me to give it a go}, but I broke it out for the first time last night. I think because I'm a glasses wearer, I hesitate to use masks that often {though ideally, I would like to use one at least once a week} - sometimes the thought of either being sightless for a measure of time or dealing with the mess of getting the mask on my glasses is just more trouble than it's worth to me {though I'll freely, yet shamefully, admit that this may be a touch of laziness on my part; it's not a good trait but I'm working on it}. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Skin Care Tips for the Fall

Now is the perfect time to revamp your skincare regimen. After months of fun in the sun (and exposing your skin to harmful UV rays and moisture-sapping summer temps),  here are 5 tips to help prep your skin for the cooler weather ahead:

Friday, August 31, 2012

Testing Testing Reviva Labs- AKA: Help! My Skin Is Rebelling!

So yeah... my skin hates me right now. I literally went months without a single blemish, to sprouting big, ugly, painful pimples (that will likely leave scars), one right after the other (and at the moment-several simultaneously). I'm pretty sure it's because I've not been treating it so well lately (ie: the brush head on my Clarisonic needs to be replaced so I haven't been using it, which translated to me not even bothering to get out of bed at night to wash my face, I've just been using various cleansing cloths to get the job done). So I need an intervention, a fresh start. I thought I'd start it out with these two exfoliants from Reviva Labs (I'm hoping that if I get rid of the top layers of skin that hate me, the fresh new layers will be my best friend). Let's call this my mea culpa.

Reviva Labs Non-Chemical Light Skin Peel

Reviva Labs Microdermabrasion Pomegranate Scrub

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