Monday, April 15, 2013

Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask

Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask

I've had this mask for a while {Reviva Labs graciously sent it out to me to give it a go}, but I broke it out for the first time last night. I think because I'm a glasses wearer, I hesitate to use masks that often {though ideally, I would like to use one at least once a week} - sometimes the thought of either being sightless for a measure of time or dealing with the mess of getting the mask on my glasses is just more trouble than it's worth to me {though I'll freely, yet shamefully, admit that this may be a touch of laziness on my part; it's not a good trait but I'm working on it}. 

Anyhoo, I sprouted a pimple on my jawline and I felt a couple brewing under the surface of my skin {and in most inopportune spots - right below my lower lip and right along the bridge of my nose}, and I knew something had to be done IMMEDIATELY to tame my skin. I thought a mask would be the perfect treatment and thus finally reached for Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask (MSRP $13) {because, Houston, my skin was definitely having a problem}!

I liked the mask right off the bat because of its smell - though sulfur is listed in the ingredients {and its  distinct odor did make an appearance at some point during the wear of the mask}, when I applied the clay based mask, the smell instantly reminded me of Noxema, all cool, fresh and tingly. The directions tell you to apply a thin layer to skin and leave it for 20 minutes. I like that a little bit goes a long way {so the jar will last you a long time} and if you follow the instructions and use a thin layer, removal is a cinch {another reason I hesitate to use masks is the whole removal process - sometimes I feel like the masks are so hard to get off that you end up doing more damage to your skin than good}.

When I first removed the mask, I actually noticed more redness in my complexion than before and upon close inspection, noticed quite a few more blemishes sprouting in various locations. Though my first instinct was to panic, I remembered what many Clarisonic users have said about their experience when they first begin using the skin care tool: often times they experience massive breakouts as the skin begins to purge itself of the toxins and debris loosened up by the Clarisonic. Since the Problem Skin Mask is essentially a detoxifying mask, I can see how this would occur, so I took the appearance of blemishes as a sign that the mask was in fact working. I made a mental note right then and there to continue to use the mask on a fairly regular basis in order to keep my skin in check {as much as one can actually keep one of their vital organs in check at least}.

I'm happy to say, that when I woke up this morning, not only were the little blemishes that erupted after using the mask gone, the pimples I felt under my skin {you know, those really painful ones that you can feel days before you can see them}seemed to have been stopped in their tracks! I'm literally amazed! I'm not quite comfortable enough to tout Reviva Labs Problem Skin Mask as a miracle product {I'll have to use it a few more times to come to that conclusion}, but I do know that I will be reaching for it whenever I see problems arise! Until next time...

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  1. this mask sounds great if it got rid of your pimples :) thanks for sharing


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