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Friday, December 28, 2012

Kiss the Night Away with NYC Smooch Proof 16HR Lipstain! (Swatches)

As I confessed in my December MAC Matters post, even on the occasions I wear something on my lips other than balm, after the initial application, I oftentimes forget to go through the process of reapplication when the product inevitably wears off. Well New York Colors solves that problem with their Smooch Proof 16HR Lipstain!

For swatches and color descriptions, keep reading!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Know I Can Be Faithful... AKA: What I'm Loving RIGHT NOW...

I go through a lot of product (well, maybe not a lot... more like, more than the average... who am I trying to kid? I go through a lot of product, quite happily). Some things I  love, some things are so so, some...not so much. Get a shopping list ready, these are the things I'm loving currently and though the lineup may swiftly change, all of these goodies come with Mama's stamp of approval....

photo via BathandBodyWorks.com

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