Friday, December 28, 2012

Kiss the Night Away with NYC Smooch Proof 16HR Lipstain! (Swatches)

As I confessed in my December MAC Matters post, even on the occasions I wear something on my lips other than balm, after the initial application, I oftentimes forget to go through the process of reapplication when the product inevitably wears off. Well New York Colors solves that problem with their Smooch Proof 16HR Lipstain!

For swatches and color descriptions, keep reading!

New York Colors Smooch Proof 16HR Lipstain (MSRP $4.99) provides a sheer to intense flush of color to your pucker that will withstand even the most passionate lip lock! It comes in 12 gorgeous, stay-true shades: Champagne Stain, Smooch Proof, Endless Spice, Rock On Ruby, Berry Long Time, Unstoppable Red, Forever Freesia, Orange On the Go, and the shades that I reviewed, Persistent Pink, Never Ending Nude, Forever Fuchsia, and Forever Mine Wine.

Persistent Pink is a light, cool toned (blue based) pink. My lips are fairly pigmented so this shade doesn't do much for me, but it would definitely be pretty on someone a bit fairer (I also think its subtle flush of color would be excellent for someone just starting to wear make up, like my oldest daughter). 

Never Ending Nude is a warm, medium brown. It too adds a more subtle flush of color to the lips (the staying power for this and Persistent Pink was not as long as that of the other two shades swatched). 

Forever Fuchsia is a bright, happy pink. It surprised me by being one of my favorite shades from the bunch. It's a bold punch of color that is perfect for adding a little something special to any look. 

Forever Mine Wine is the perfect, vampy statement color. With its deep burgundy (verging on purple) color, it is exactly like the stain left on one's lips after enjoying a glass of fine red wine. 

The formula on all of these was very consistent, despite the difference in intensity. It is very wet, which makes application a breeze, but the dry time is a bit a long. Make sure to not move your lips too much while the formula is drying to make sure that the stain does not settle in the crevices on your lips. As is common with most lipstains, once it dries it feels a bit sticky, but not distractingly so. 

All in all, I really like these lipstains! I have to question the 16 hour claim, but they do offer adequate staying power (and who really wants anything on their skin for 16 hours?). My favorite shades were Forever Mine Wine and Forever Fuchsia and looking at the swatches on my skin tone is probably a sufficient explanation as to why. Will you be picking up New York Colors Smooch Proof 16HR Lipstain next time you're at your local drugstore? Which shade(s) will you buy? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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