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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Game of Beauty-AKA LUSH's Emotional Brilliance Collection

Brilliant Makeup from LUSH!

Just as they've done with skin care, LUSH has taken a fresh and inventive approach to cosmetics with their new Emotional Brilliance collection.In a way that only LUSH can, they have introduced an entirely new concept, in which wearing makeup is less about what's in season or on trend and more about wearing colors to shape your mood-actually matching your psychological needs to which color cosmetics you should e range consists of lip colors, eyeliners, and eyeshadows, as well as skin tints and a translucent powder.  Color choices are made by playing an insightful game, that involve spinning a gorgeous color wheel and picking the shade that immediately stand out to you. Each shade corresponds with a word, such as Confident, Take Control, or Passionate (or in my case-Fantasy, Feeling Secure, and Glamorous), that are significant to your needs at that time. By wearing the color, you are truly using the power of suggestion and in essence, willing the corresponding word into your life.

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