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The Game of Beauty-AKA LUSH's Emotional Brilliance Collection

Brilliant Makeup from LUSH!

Just as they've done with skin care, LUSH has taken a fresh and inventive approach to cosmetics with their new Emotional Brilliance collection.In a way that only LUSH can, they have introduced an entirely new concept, in which wearing makeup is less about what's in season or on trend and more about wearing colors to shape your mood-actually matching your psychological needs to which color cosmetics you should e range consists of lip colors, eyeliners, and eyeshadows, as well as skin tints and a translucent powder.  Color choices are made by playing an insightful game, that involve spinning a gorgeous color wheel and picking the shade that immediately stand out to you. Each shade corresponds with a word, such as Confident, Take Control, or Passionate (or in my case-Fantasy, Feeling Secure, and Glamorous), that are significant to your needs at that time. By wearing the color, you are truly using the power of suggestion and in essence, willing the corresponding word into your life.

Here are two of my selections from the color wheel:

Feeling Secure Eyeliner

The Feeling Secure Eyeliner is described as a "rich, regal purple," and speaks to one's need to feel safe, protected, and secured in life.

Feeling Secure, swatched on my forearm.

The base of the eyeliners is made with a rose petal infusion as well as almond and jojoba oils to care for the sensitive area around the eyes.

Fantasy Eyeliner

Fantasy is a pure, liquid gold that dries to a stay put finish quite quickly. It is unique in the line, as it is made with an eyebright infusion, an herb with an ancient tradition of use in cosmetics.

Fantasy Eyeliner swatched on my forearm
The eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lip colors retail for $22.95 at lushusa.com as well as at local LUSH storefront (and if you have one close by, I highly recommend taking the time to go in and spin the wheel, so that you can experience the game and hear the explanation of your choices in person)!

One of my absolute favorite items in the cosmetic lines is actually the Charisma Skin Tint:

Charisma Skin Tint
The skin tints retail for $18.95 and come in two shades: Feeling Younger and Charisma. They are designed to be mixed in with a LUSH Colour Supplement or moisturizer, but can also be used as a skin primer. With a softening and calming base of oats, almond and jojoba oils, cocoa butter and orange flower water, they both help to remove unwanted shine as well nourish and tone the skin.

Feeling Younger contains ‘magic orange’ pigment which works as a reflector on the skin, 
making it look bright and youthful. It can be used in lots of ways – as a highlighter on the brow 
bone and eyelid to really open up the eye; on the cheekbone for a youthful glow; under the eye 
to minimize the appearance of dark circles; or on the d├ęcolletage for a sexy shimmer. 

 I've been LOVING Charisma- a blend of golden colors you can wear under make-up to achieve a healthy, warm glow. It's great for tan skin and even paler skin tones to give a bronzed effect. I love to use it when I'm trying to be minimal, it adds the perfect touch of  warm, beautiful color to my cheeks. It has a way of making my face glow without looking over done or contrived. 

Charisma swatched on my forearm (just a blob on the left and rubbed into the skin on the right)
I absolutely love the shades that I chose when I spun the Emotional Brilliance wheel and I'm a complete fan on the entire concept behind the line. I plan on going back to spin the wheel again to find out what else my subconscious say I need more of in my life (not to mention score some more LUSH beautifulness). The colors were all so vibrant and pretty, it's hard to go with your first instinct and not just what you like (or maybe what you like in that first instant is your instinct). Have you explored the Emotional Brilliance collection? What were your three picks? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

Ciao, XxO


PS-Product samples were provided by the company or PR. This in no way influenced my opinion and I was not paid for this post. All opinions stated are 100% honest and my own. Visit your local LUSH (I LOVE the one at the Mall of Georgia) or lushusa.com for more information, to make purchases, or spin the Emotional Brilliance Wheel :)

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