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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brooke Burke's Healthy Snack Behind the DWTS Scene! AKA: Getting My Yummy Mummy On Inspiration

I decided to catch up on Dancing With the Stars and when Lo saw Brooke Burke, she got super excited and said "Look mommy! It's the lady from Modern Family!" (Otherwise known as Sofia Vergara). That is a total compliment!

Anyone that follows her career, can't help but respect Brooke Burke's work ethic. But I think she's particularly admirable to me as a busy mom. How she manages to handle her hectic schedule AND look that fabulous, boggles my mind.

I've watch her videos for Modern Mom on YouTube, so I know that she works out regularly and partakes in a healthy diet with a big focus on moderation. Those are excellent habits to emulate and seeing the snack she chose to enjoy while behind the scenes of Dancing With the Stars (Quaker Oats new Real Medleys  Summer Berry Oatmeal)  helped me to realize how truly doable certain lifestyle changes can be for me too...

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