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Make Everyday Cooking Easy With These Tips

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Many busy homes know the stress of cooking every day. Sometimes, the last thing you want is to go to the kitchen to whip up a nutritious meal for the family after a long day. This is probably why some people prefer weekly cooking to daily. Data shows that 36% of people spend time cooking daily because that is what works for them. How about you? Fortunately, you can reduce stress by adopting certain skills, having the right equipment, and properly stocking the pantry. This is discussed further below.

  1. Know how to multitask in the kitchen

Multitasking is a crucial skill needed in the kitchen. This is particularly important when you’re cooking for the family. Usually, the more time spent in the kitchen, the higher the chances of exhaustion before the food is cooked. This is why it is important to learn to multitask when cooking. This means doing different things simultaneously to limit the time spent in the kitchen. One way to multitask is to clean the counter and do the dishes while food is still simmering on the stove.

Another example is to run the blender while cutting vegetables for your salad. However, it is important to be mindful of cross-contamination when multitasking in the kitchen. For instance, you might use the same knife to cut fresh meat and vegetables. The risk of food contamination is extremely high. Therefore, the more precautions are taken, the higher the chances of keeping your family’s meals safe.

  1. Have ample knowledge about cooking times

Different foods require varied cooking times. As a busy parent or individual, knowing this can make everyday cooking easy. After a long stressful day, your body is already exhausted. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to tire yourself out any further. Moreover, exhaustion in the kitchen can lead to costly mistakes and accidents. Foods that require little time to be ready will save you from what could possibly become a botched day of cooking.

Usually, spaghetti, pasta, tossed salads, and rice dishes take very little time to be ready for the family. You can also throw some asparagus in the oven and use it as a side dish. Food that requires longer cooking may have to be started earlier in the day. For example, a slow cooker dish started before leaving home will save you some time when you return. And you won’t need to spend long hours in the kitchen. 

  1. Keep the kitchen and pantry well-stocked

Have you ever spent a long day at work only to get home and there isn’t much left in the pantry to cook with? It can be frustrating and stressful to drive to the closest grocery store for cooking essentials. You can avoid this by stocking the kitchen with essential food items and ingredients. Canned foods, vegetables, edible oil, and a vital ingredient like salt are useful while cooking spray.

The more prepared your pantry is, the better your cooking will be, even when it has to be daily. The best way to do this is to keep an inventory of your food stock at home. Any shortage must be recorded before it runs out completely. It would help to keep an eye on expiry dates when grocery shopping. This will reduce the risks of interrupting cooking when you suddenly realize that the product is unwholesome for consumption.

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