Monday, July 4, 2022

Easy Ways To Make Your Diet More Nutritious This Summer

 We all know that eating well is beneficial for our health, but it’s not always easy to make changes. If you’re short on time, you’re not a maestro in the kitchen, or you’ve run out of ideas, we’re here to help! Here are some simple ways to make your diet more nutritious this summer. 

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Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables

Summer is the perfect season to experiment with fresh ingredients and broaden your horizons. Fruit and vegetables contain essential nutrients and they also add flavor and vibrancy to your menu. If you don’t hit your 5-a-day target most days, now is the time to start upping your intake. Add a side of vegetables to your dinner, take a piece of fruit or a fruit salad to enjoy after your lunch at work and be open-minded. Try fruits you haven’t eaten before and have fun with different flavor combinations. Salads, cold soups, pasta sauces and homemade smoothies and juices are all great options for summer. 

Swap takeouts for home cooking

Do you eat takeouts most nights, or are you heavily reliant on ready-made meals? If so, why not try cooking at home more often? You don’t have to be a master chef or spend hours in the kitchen to rustle up tasty, healthy dishes. Look for quick and easy recipes and healthier versions of the takeout treats you love. You can learn how to make Thai cashew chicken, vegetable tacos, potato curries or grilled beef kebabs by searching for recipes online or getting tips from TV cooking shows, food blogs and magazines. Cooking at home gives you control over how you prep and cook food and which ingredients you use, and it can also save you money.

Go for whole grains

Whole-grain foods are beneficial for heart health and they can also aid digestion and help you to feel fuller for longer. When you write your grocery shopping list and head to the store, swap white bread, pasta and rice for wholemeal, granary and brown versions, and opt for whole-grain breakfast cereals. Whole-grains release energy slowly and they also contain less sugar and more fiber. 

Enjoy a balanced diet

A balanced diet should contain foods from all food groups. Your plate should contain complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Try to ensure that every meal you eat is balanced and avoid fad diets, which cut out entire food groups. Fad diets have become popular because they can achieve rapid weight loss. The trouble is that losing weight quickly is unsustainable, and eliminating food groups can contribute to cravings and poor nutrition. 

If you don’t know whether your diet is balanced or not, it’s helpful to use a food diary app. Enter details for each meal and check the nutritional information. Your app will tell you how many calories you consume per day and break down your intake of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, sugars, fats and salt. 

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Summer is in full swing and what better time to improve your diet and supercharge your health and well-being? Take these tips on board to make your diet more nutritious and enjoy delicious, healthy meals. 

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