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Accessorizing In A Manner That Suits You


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Accessorizing is one of the most enjoyable elements of keeping up with our wardrobe and celebrating great fashion - because said accessories can often provide us with new and novel means of changing how outfits look and feel. In some respects, an accessory can make or break an outfit, but they can also help us express ourselves in terms of how we’re feeling that day, or how we wish to dress for a particular event.

For instance, on some nights, wearing more expressive jewelry can be fantastic marker of how much attention we wish to draw to ourselves. During other events, more formal accessorizing, such as wearing a brooch on a summer jacket, can be a fantastic place to start.

One thing is certain however, accessorizing in a manner that suits you is almost always the best use of your time. In this post, we’ll discuss how such an effort can be focused on, the degree to which you may wish to make changes, and what issues are best to avoid:

Consider Colors & Tones

It’s important to consider the colors and tones of your accessories if you hope to have them ‘suit you.’ For instance, silver jewelry is often considered amazing on those with brown hair, while gold is often considered a match for those with blonde hair, but if you have a darker skin tone, then both can look incredible on you no matter what. From the color of your eyes to your outfit at large, theming your outfits with the accessories help you blend in this tasteful addition, be that a chestnut watch strap, or green inlays within a gold necklace. 

Fitting Accessories

Fitting accessories, as in, accessories that actually fit to you wearing them are worthwhile to consider. Having your ring sized for excellent Brilliant Earth jewelry can help you wear it with more confidence, without having to angle yourself subconsciously so that the piece doesn’t fall off.  This also goes for your head size when wearing hats, and even the shape and size of smaller accessories such as belt buckles against your trousers or skirt when accessorizing for a formal or professional function. This way, accessories will blend with your outfit even more so.

A Sense Of Occasion

An excellent sense of occasion can make all the difference when it comes to what accessories you wear, and how you wear them. For instance, wearing flowers on our suit lapel can be important in more reverent situations, but during an evening dinner? Well, it might be that you bring out your most indulgent pieces. 

Accessories can also hold emotional worth, such as classical lockets that remind you of a partner, or having your grandmother’s watch restored and cleaned so as to wear it with pride. A lovely combination of efforts in this regard can help you apply the finishing touches to your outfit with nothing but the utmost confidence.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to accessorize in a manner that suits you, all for the better.

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