Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Five Healthy Habits To Improve Your Diet This Year


Many of us want to improve our diet, but lifestyle changes can be easier said than done. The key is to focus on long-term changes, as opposed to quick fixes. If you’re looking to get healthier and improve your diet, there are lots of things you can do. Adopt these five healthy habits, to feel great in body and mind.

1 . Grow your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is a fantastic way to get healthier and improve your diet. All you need is a small outdoor space and a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. If you recycle your food waste, you can make healthy compost to enrich your soil. When you’re growing vegetables you’ll need to learn about crop rotation and spacing. Some veggies can be tricky to grow, it’s best to stick to easy ones first. According to Gardeners World, some of the easiest vegetables to grow include beetroot, salad leaves, and potatoes.

2. Learn new recipes

If you’re keen to improve your diet, learning new recipes can help you along your way. People who lack cooking skills are far more likely to eat unhealthy foods. When you experiment with new recipes you’ll find plenty of healthy dishes, and learn about nutrition too. To help you find healthy recipes you might like to take a look at these apps:

  • Green Kitchen

  • Yummly

  • Superfoods

  • Yogic Foods

3. Try natural supplements

Looking to give your health a bit of a boost? Then natural supplements are the way to go. Focus on supplements that support the immune system, you might try Vitamin C, ashwagandha, or elderberry. If you experience stress symptoms, you might try supplements like St John's Wort or passionflower. The plant world has many different options to lift the body and mind.

4. Keep a food journal

If you’d like to improve your diet, keeping a food journal can be incredibly useful. Many people like the idea of eating healthier, however, it can be difficult to stay motivated. A food journal can be a fantastic motivational tool. You can use it to track your meals, your mood, and any goals you have. 

You might have goals related to eating more vegetables, trying a vegan diet, or weight loss. Whatever goals you have, writing them down will help you to progress. Many of us have a difficult relationship with food, and breaking bad habits can be tough. It’s important to be kind to yourself when working towards your goals.

5. Mood-boosting foods

To supercharge your diet this year, focus on foods that boost the mood. There are plenty of foods that can lift our spirits including chocolate, fatty fish, or citrus fruits. Remember, eating your favorite foods can raise your endorphin levels, don't be afraid to indulge in a little ice cream, or garlic bread, whatever you like. Eating healthy doesn’t mean denying yourself all treats. We all deserve something super tasty now and then!

Building up healthy habits can take time, start by setting easy goals, and then move on from there. Improving your health is an incredibly worthwhile pursuit.

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