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5 Essential Items For Toddler Proofing Your Home

 Once your baby progresses from the crawling to walking stage and reaches toddlerhood, ask any parent, and they will tell you that your life will dramatically change.

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Toddlers are naturally inquisitive, and they love to explore. They also don't have a developed sense of danger, meaning everything is something to explore and get involved in. Curiosity is a great thing, and while this should be explored as fully as possible at all ages, making sure your toddler is safe from harm is vital and can help you protect them from hidden dangers around the house.

In the first instance, you might be best getting down on your hands and knees and seeing your home on the same level as your toddler, so you can identify any potential risks you might not have realized exist so you can start protecting your home ready for your toddler to get out there and explore.

This post looks at the best ways you can toddler-proof your home.

Safety Gates

Safety gates can help you protect your toddler from falls or accessing parts of your home you don't want them to explore. The kitchen stairs, offices, or workshops are all initial and most prominent areas. Where you use safety gates is dependent on your home and your lifestyle, but used correctly, they can provide an extra layer of protection.


If you have any fire or open heating source in your home that can harm your toddler, you need a suitable Baby Fireguard to prevent access to this potentially dangerous area. Not only can it prevent your toddler from being hurt, but they also can't accidentally put things into a fire that they shouldn't do.

Wall Straps

Fixing your heavy furniture such as units and bookcases to walls can help you avoid falling onto your child if they feel like attempting to climb the unit. Between 2018 and 2020, over 210 people died from falling furniture, so make sure you have affixed heavy units to the wall or secured them to floors to avoid them tipping over. The same goes for appliances too.

Soft Flooring

If you have hardwood flooring, there is no doubt they are easier to clean and maintain, especially when you have children in the house. However, the risk of harm and injury from hard flooring is greater for those who are a little bit unsteady on their feet or who can get excited running around.

Adding rugs or floor cushions to hard floors can help to soften the elbow when babies and toddlers fall over. You can't protect them all of the time from all the dangers they might come across or put themselves in front of, but you can lessen the risk of injury should this happen.

Socket Covers

Electricity can be dangerous when used in the wrong hands. This is especially true for babies and toddlers who are mostly unaware of the concept of electricity and its danger.

Use socket covers to avoid anything being pushed into empty sockets and make sure everything is turned off when not in use. Use timers to avoid sockets being turned on accidentally and set them to keep them secured without a current.

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