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6 Ways to Help a Friend Who's Had a Baby

 It's hard to know how to help out a friend who just had a baby. They might have tons of visitors, but they're also exhausted and don't want anyone in their space. However, one thing is clear. A new mom needs all the help she can get, especially in the first few weeks.

If you want to offer support without feeling like you're crowding or making her feel inadequate, here are six ways:

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Buy Them Something Useful

If you've not yet bought the baby a gift, think of something that will be useful to them, like a car seat, clothes, or stroller. A new parent can never have enough of these items. However, research on the quality and approved baby products in the market before purchase. Also, check reviews such as this review of Tubby Todd natural baby products

Help Out with the Older Kids

If she has older kids, she might need help taking care of their needs, especially the first two to four weeks after childbirth. Even when the dad is there to help, an extra hand is always a welcome relief. 

Offer to watch them for an hour or two so that mom can get some sleep and take a break from her role as a caregiver, cook, and cleaner. She'll appreciate it even more if you offer to make dinner for them rather than put up with the meals she hurriedly prepares or orders. 

Offer to Look After the Baby

Some moms don't like the idea of someone holding their newborn or leaving them for a while but if your friend is open to the idea, assist when you can. As you watch over the baby, she can take a long and undisturbed shower, a luxury for many new mums, or take a nap. It might also be an opportunity to walk out of the house or connect with the other kids. 

Bring Healthy Foods When You Visit

One of the most challenging tasks to complete for a new mom is to prepare a full course meal. When you bring a meal over, be sure to bring some healthy options for her and the family. 

Alternatively, create some time every week when you can prepare enough food to last a week or several days. All the new mum will do is choose what she wants to eat then warm it. She will be glad to have a friend like you. 

Take Care of Her Errands

If you know what she needs, go and purchase it for her. Also, make her comfortable requesting you to run her errands. For instance, she might run out of diapers, need to go to the drug store, or replenish her food supply, but she doesn't know who to send or how to do it with a newborn. 

When you are available, it makes things easier. You can pick the items on your way from work or early in the morning. It will be one stressful task off her list.

Help with Housework

The new mom is not going to be able to do her chores with a newborn. She might be up all night, have visitors or not feel like doing anything but holding the baby and feeding it. If you're going by every other day to help out with housework, she'll be so grateful for your assistance while she's in this challenging postpartum period.

As you offer assistance, try to understand her needs. Sometimes she'll not want to have visitors as she rests and recovers. 

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