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Spring Skincare: Know Thy Enemy

 Usually, we think of summer as being the main culprit of our skincare woes. To a large extent, this is true. The heat and humidity of summer leave everyone feeling sweaty, itchy and irritated at times. However, spring is also a season that is tough on our skin. Granted, it's not nearly as aggressive at challenging our skin, but it does pose similar threats. In fact, if you can protect your skin during spring and do so, well, you will be prepared for most of the summer. So it's a good time to get some practice in now, and select the products that work well for your skin, now as well. We looked at some of the specific issues that your skin may face in the coming months ahead.

Early sun

Blue skies are a beautiful sight. You can see airplanes high up in the air, miles and miles away. You can also spot flocks of geese and other migratory birds, all trying to get to the warmer side of the planet before the chill comes in on the other side of the planet. However, whenever there is a clear sky, the sun is untamed. The beaming sun rays that hit the ground are hot and very sharp in their intensity. So it's a good idea to look for a strong SPF-rated sunscreen now.

Sensitive skin

Unfortunately, there’s no special formula for a sunscreen that works on sensitive skin. You should look for products that have ingredients that are any or all of the following

  • Non-greasy, like the Olay SPF-30 sunscreen. 

  • Fragrance-free. Anytime products have scent or fragrance put in them, it's usually alcohol-based, which causes irritation

  • Non-alcohol. This will prevent irritation as mentioned.

  • Contains vitamin-E. The primary ingredient you need to have rich tolerable skin.

Pale skin

It goes without saying that some of us with paler skin will suffer more from sunburns. So you need sunscreen with the following.

  • Bronzer. Although it may seem like this is purely aesthetic, darker skin helps to absorb and sometimes block the sun rays from doing harm to your body. So an infused bronzer with a high SPF-rating of 50 or 60 is highly recommended.

  • It should also have a thicker consistency, which leaves it on the skin for a lot longer. Some say that it won’t absorb as well, but the point is that your skin is protected from direct sunlight.

The dreaded condition

Eczema is a horrible condition that many people face. In fact it's so common that around 1in3 or 1in4 people will have eczema in one form or another. It may be a quick rash, a reddish patch, or flaky white skin. Regardless of the kind it is, there are multiple eczema treatments you can try out now. This online pharmaceutical website, has Betnovate and Eumovate which are known to lessen flare-ups and soothe the skin. The main issue is, you need support to retain water in the skin. That is what causes eczema, having a lack of water in the skin cells. 

There are also some ways you can support your skin in spring. For one thing, you should cover up your arms if you can. The pollen and the sun's rays will irritate your skin in a wham-bam combination. So wear long-sleeves where you can and or perhaps, always take a thin top with you while going for a walk or to the beach. 

You can also keep hydrated. Always take a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Keep it in your bag or buy a bottle which you can refill so you have it on your desk at home in your office room. 

Home office 

Where we work is very important to our skincare. If you work in a dusty dirty environment, your skin will eventually feel very irritated and you’ll begin to do the inevitable; scratch! But before you turn your arms and legs into road rash-ridden limbs, it's time you changed your home office for the better.

  • Buy some proper shades. You may be working in a room that has been converted into an office. It may only have thin blinds or something similar. We recommend you consider buying shades as they are thicker and easier to operate.

  • Dust rag. A synthetic dust-collecting rag will help you to keep your computer and desk clean. This way no dust mites can feast on your dead skin cells in the night and leave behind an irritating surprise.

  • Put a fan in the room so you have great air circulation. Hot muggy recycled air adds to our skin feeling dry and itchy.


Pollen hunting

Pollen is by far one of the most hated things about spring. It makes us sneeze, our eyes water and it also prevents us from going outside for too long. It's certain that you have at least once, felt you needed to go back inside from your patio because you couldn’t stand the amount of pollen in the air. If you have a skin condition then putting up a pollen-catcher shade in front of your windows is a good idea. It will absorb all the pollen in the air and only allow air molecules to come through. So your home will still be getting fresh air when you open your windows but it won’t be bombarded by the pollen released by flowers in your neighbor’s garden.


Please, please, please, keep drinking H2O. We cannot stress to you enough, how important it is to stay hydrated throughout spring, and summer for that matter, if you want to limit the amount of skin irritation you experience. It's highly advisable that you buy distilled water as it is much purer and will be absorbed into your system a lot quicker. If you don’t want to drink water, then we recommend juice instead. Stay away from soda and alcohol if you can help it, as both of these drinks make us thirstier because they sap moisture from our skin's feels when they are absorbed.

Spring is a wonderful time to be outdoors and listen to bird songs at lunchtime. But remember pollen is flying around, blue skies mean more intense sun rays, and keep yourself hydrated. 

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