Monday, November 30, 2020

Making Your Home Easier To Clean

 While you shouldn’t take Instagram or Pinterest photos at face value it’s hard not to feel jealous of someone’s neat, organized home. While it can feel like your home is always a mess in comparison, there are some things you can do to make it easier for yourself.

Having an organized home will make it much easier to keep clean, helping you stay on top of things for your own Pinterest-worthy home. 

Here are some great tips for making your home easier to clean.

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Declutter your whole house

One of the first steps to having a clean house is to have less to clean! A thorough decluttering can help you get rid of anything that’s broken, outdated or unnecessary, helping you manage your closet, your kitchen and anywhere else that is overflowing with stuff. Be ruthless so that you can make some more space in your home - it’s surprising how much calmer you’ll feel.

But what should you do with all of your stuff? You can donate, sell or recycle your unwanted goods - don’t just throw things away! If you want to make selling online easier too, you can use ship eBay items easily using Shiply. Having a bit of extra cash from selling your old stuff can give you the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something new for your home.

Find a place for everything

Having a place for everything in your home will make it easy to stay organized. There are different ways to organize your pantry, your closet, and other parts of your home. Make the most of storage baskets, shelves and hidden storage solutions - being clever with your storage can make a big difference. Being able to put everything away is half the battle of having a neat home, so if everything has a place, you’ll find it much easier to clear up at the end of the night.

Write a daily chores list

One of the secrets to having a clean home is to do it day by day, instead of saving it all for the weekend. Whether it’s getting to work on one room a day, or daily tasks that will help you stay on top of things, you can find it much more manageable if you spend time each day doing small chores. Check out some tips for cleaning in 10 minutes or less to help you stay on top of your chores list.

Forming some good habits will help you clean up as you go, helping you keep your kitchen and bathrooms clean, saving a lot of work.

Nobody’s home is perfect all of the time, but it’s understandable to feel pressure to keep yours neat and organized every day. Just accept that you can only do your best, and find ways to make it easier on yourself to get there. If there are others living in your home too - make sure they share the load to help you keep a clean home together.

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