Monday, November 30, 2020

Is an Assisted Senior Living Community Right for My Parents?

As our parents get older, we often find ourselves in the role of a caregiver whether or not we are prepared for this change. What happens when the responsibilities of being a caregiver become too large or heavy?

According to the CDC, over 800,000 seniors live in a residential care or assisted senior living community. 

Assisted senior living communities are viable options for seniors who need an extra hand but still want to maintain independence and privacy. How do you know if this describes your own parents?

Read on to learn a few of the biggest signs that an assisted senior living community is right for your parents.

Day-to-Day Tasks Require Assistance

With time, our parents may struggle more and more with day-to-day tasks like cooking, cleaning, dressing, and grooming. Because these tasks are vital to a healthy, happy life, it's imperative that assistance is available throughout each day.

Whether you're working, taking care of children, or simply need time to focus on your own health, it can be difficult to meet these needs every day. Plus, having to do so can put a strain on the relationship you have with your parent, especially if they are reluctant to accept your help.

Professional caregivers can ensure that all of your parents' daily needs are met. This gives you the time to focus on your own life and restore a healthy relationship with your parents.

Basic Medical Care Is Becoming Hard to Handle

Is it important that your parents have their vitals taken each day? Do they need to remember to take their medication at a specific time and have trouble remembering?

Basic medical care is one of the biggest bonuses of assisted living. Registered nurses can perform tasks like checking a senior's blood pressure or administering medication. Plus, with round-the-clock staff, your parent is sure to receive help right away in a medical emergency.

There's Still Room for Independence and Privacy

If you know your parents need professional care, how do you decide between an assisted senior living community and, for example, a nursing home?

Take a look at the ideal assisted senior living arrangements. Unlike nursing homes, assisted living communities allow for independence, privacy, and stimulating activity. If your parents would benefit from these freedoms and amenities, assisted living is probably a better alternative to something more restrictive like a nursing home. 

Decide If an Assisted Senior Living Community Is Right for Your Parents

When looking into assisted senior living community options, only you and your parents can decide if it's the right fit. If every sign we've discussed rings true, then assisted living is probably the best option for your family!

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