Wednesday, September 30, 2020

How to Avoid Giving Up On Your Fitness Goals

 We all wish that we could be that little bit healthier and fitter, so why aren’t we all in our peak physical condition? It’s because the majority of people, while they start with the best of intentions when it comes to their getting in shape, usually end up giving up before they’ve got anywhere close to their full potential. If you’ve been in this position yourself, then all it means is that you’re normal. The ones that do go all the way are the ones who didn’t give up. So besides motivation, what things can you use to avoid giving up? We take a look at a few tips below. 

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Have a Target

If you’re going to avoid giving up on your fitness goals, then it’s recommended that you have a goal in the first place. Many people start their fitness journey without a particular destination in mind. When they give up, it’s not that they’ve given up on anything specific, since that didn’t exist in the first place. When you’re starting, think of at least one goal you’re trying to achieve. You’ll find that working towards that target is usually enough to keep you on track.

Schedule in a Time

If you’re waiting for time to become available before you engage in any exercise, then it’s unlikely that you’ll reach your goals. Exercise isn’t something that you can just do in short bursts. It’s consistency that’ll bring results. So stay disciplined, especially when it comes to your workout times. If you commit to 45 minutes of exercise every two days no matter what, then eventually it’ll just become a habit. You won’t need to schedule in the time since it’ll already be a priority. To do this you’ll probably need to sacrifice other commitments, but it’ll be worth it in the long-run.

Make It Straightforward

Of course, even if it is part of your schedule, there’ll be times when you don’t want to go. Or rather, you’ll have an excuse not to go. It could be that you’re running late, and can’t get your gym bag together. It could be that you have obligations after you’ve been to the gym, and can’t afford to spend time driving back once you’ve finished—all valid excuses. If you’re going to reach your fitness goals, then it’s important that you remove these obstacles, and make things as straightforward as possible. Instead of picking a gym across town, pick one near to your home or work; there are Fitness 19 all across the country, so see if there’s one close to you, and sign yourself up. You’ll also find things easier if you have a gym bag ready to go at the front door -- no packing required! 

Notice the Progress

Finally, perhaps the best way to stay on top of your exercise routine is to notice the progress that you’re making. Within a few weeks of beginning your exercise, you’ll look and feel better. That should be motivation enough to keep on pushing forward! 

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