Monday, September 28, 2020

7 Tips on Choosing Earrings for Outfits in the Fall

The leaves are changing, and the cool breeze is making you start to miss the heat of summer (though just last week, you were complaining about it). It happens to everyone. The transition to fall can make you feel like you're losing out on something, or that time is moving by too fast.

But when you start to remember what fall brings with it, you can learn to welcome what's to come. With the arrival of autumn comes a whole new set of fashion choices, for you and the whole family. And when you're choosing earrings for outfits in the fall, that's just another exciting layer of possibility.

Here are our favorite ways to combine fall looks with your favorite earrings to create something beautiful:

1. Solid Turtlenecks Accentuate a Bold Earring

If you've got some big, chunky earrings and want to find a way to wear them without overpowering your outfit, the turtlenecks of autumn can be your perfect outfit. Pair a simple black turtleneck with some large geometric shapes or interesting materials, like fabric or clay, and you've got a super fashion-forward outfit.

Turtlenecks alone can make you look professional and calm. Then can help balance the fun-loving aspect of a bold earring.

You won't look too wild, but you won't look boring either. It's the best of both worlds.

2. Dangly Earrings + Updos = Perfection

For a more elegant look, you can accentuate dangly earrings by making your hair sit in the opposite direction. If you have long hair, this means any kind of pretty updo—even those messy buns that we all know are actually a carefully designed mess.

For people with some shorter pieces of hair in a layered cut, let a few pieces fall to create a face-framing fringe. And if you have short hair, just rock what you got!

The reason this works so well with long earrings is that you're creating a long, delicate shape to your face. There's a lot going on in the vertical direction, but no part is actually filled. Use that negative space to make you look good!

3. Grays and Silvers Work Great for Grunge

Some people think silver jewelry looks best on their skin, while others always opt for gold. We're here to tell you that skin undertones (whether you have a "cool" or "warm" undertone) are the thing that's going to affect your earring look the least.

The truth is, choosing between tones in different earring styles shouldn't be a person-by-person decision, but an event-by-event type of decision. So you might choose gold jewelry to accentuate street styles, while gray and sterling silver earrings can add a classy yet down-to-earth element to any grunge outfit.

And grunge doesn't have to be extreme. Throw on some creeper shoes, wear some ripped jeans, and you're all set for a taste of the alternative.

4. Explore Beautiful Figurative Earrings

An earring style that's hot with millennials and zoomers right now is the usually-gold, kind of surrealist figurative look. Think wobbly line drawings of faces and hands. These are great earrings for parties or any other event where you're dressing to impress.

It may seem weird in theory, but somehow it looks innovative and gorgeous as an earring. Maybe it's the classy gold material that keeps the eccentric shapes balanced. Whatever it is, you have to give it a try.

5. Use Wood for a Natural Aesthetic

Wooden earrings can look great any time of year, if we're being honest here. But fall is the perfect time to use the wood material to dress with a natural aesthetic.

Try out different shades of wood material. For example, if you're used to darker tones in wood earrings, this can be your chance to try amber colors and redder tones.

You could even look for wooden earrings that have painted sections, or that are completely painted. You'll still pull off the natural look, especially from how the lightweight material falls and bounces.

If your summer frolicking outfit involved lots of colors and skin-tight clothing, think of fall as your chance to show the world the "acoustic" version. Don't be afraid of layering scarves and cardigans with your wooden earrings. The season calls for it.

6. Colorful Earrings for Outfits That Embrace Autumn Hues

If you want to go for the colorful autumn look rather than the grays and neutrals, you can use earrings as an extension of your color palette. Try jewel tones like a deep fuchsia, or a rich golden color paired with anything on the warm side of the spectrum.

Sweaters are a great way to make a single color the focal point of your outfit, so it might be good to start with the color on your top and think about what earring colors could accentuate it. Autumn reds, yellows, and dark greens can be beautiful colors for earrings.

7. Multiple Piercings Bring an Edgy Appeal

This is an idea that could also work well with our grunge concept from earlier. If you have multiple holes in each ear, you can wear a bunch of tiny earrings for a bit of an edge. Try to keep them all the same color, but you can experiment with an array of different shapes.

And you don't have to match one ear to the other. The weather's getting colder, and if you're spending more of your time stuck inside twiddling your thumbs, why not spend that time exploring new styles?

Glide Through Autumn in Style

There isn't just one autumn look. There's the grunge look, the 'fall colors' look, and the natural aesthetic as well. And you don't have to choose one and stick with it the whole season.

By choosing the right earrings for outfits that you love to wear in the fall, you can look put together even if you're wearing something completely different from what you're used to. So don't mourn the itty bitty clothing of summertime—enjoy what fall has to offer!

For more fashion-forward style tips, check out the rest of this blog!

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