Friday, February 7, 2020

Are Your Kids Spending Enough Energy Before Bedtime?

When it comes to helping your kids get enough sleep at night, one of the most commonly overlooked factors is how much energy they’re spending throughout the day. Kids wake up full of energy and they need to run around and exercise in order to spend it. If they go to sleep full of energy, then they’re going to be tossing and turning around. They’ll find it difficult to even shut their eyes and relax their mind, so what can be done about this?

Make sure your child exercises throughout the day

Exercise is important to help improve the overall health and wellbeing of your child, but it’s also crucial because it uses up their energy throughout the day. Make sure your kids are engaging in some physical activity every day. Whether it’s cycling to and from school or playing in the garden, it’s usually quite easy to ensure that your kids are moving their bodies and getting enough exercise.

Dinner should be several hours before bed time

When we eat, our bodies convert the food we consume into energy. Depending on the types of foods we eat, it can also make us feel a lot more energetic. Sugar is a great example of this, and caffeine can also introduce similar effects. As a result, make sure your kids are eating dinner many hours before bed time to ensure their bodies have a chance to digest the food.

Below, we’ve included a helpful infographic on how you can help your children improve their quality of sleep at night.

Check out this infographic about sleep

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