Friday, January 24, 2020

How To Lose Your Baby Belly

So, what exactly is your baby belly? You’ve just baked a seven pound bundle of joy, let’s take a look at the oven. To fit that little one in, your muscles and connective tissue have had to stretch and your digestive organs have shifted to make way for baby. The weight you put on is therefore completely normal, as your body is completely changing and there’s a little person growing inside you. As magical as this period is, it can be a little tricky to shed that leftover belly. Automatically when you give birth, you lose weight, not forgetting the seven pounds you’ve just brought into the world. It can take a few weeks for your body to get back on track and further sweating, fluid loss and breastfeeding can help the pounds drop off almost effortlessly. After just two weeks your uterus will go back to normal size and you will feel less swollen. When you’re finally in shape to get rid of that remaining bit of tummy there are several things you can do. 


The main thing you want to focus on with exercise is strengthening your core. Take up Pilates or follow videos online for core-based exercises. These can involve things like planks and pelvic tilts. There are many workout videos available online. Avoid doing crunches at the start because the connective tissue that connects your ab muscles will still be weak, and these won’t do it any good. 


Eat plenty of fiber, this is key. Unfortunately for all you new moms out there, constipation can be quite common. Foods that contain a lot of fiber include fruits, vegetables, nuts and oatmeal. For some suggestions for healthy treats to keep you going, take a look at these quick and easy breastfeeding snacks. Keep your kitchen fresh with new ideas so you can still enjoy a balanced diet without resorting to the same boring meals. 


When diet and exercise just won’t cut there are some treatments available, which can be both reliable and non-invasive. You could opt for laser fat removal which is a quick, easy and effective procedure. There is also the option of cool-sculpting which uses cold temperatures to attack the fat cells. Both don’t involve surgery and you can have them done in your lunch break, and be back in the office in the afternoon. Have a word with the experts at BodEnvy to find the treatment that best suits you. 

Belly wraps

These are more common for those moms who have been through a C section and are provided immediately postpartum. Many new moms have said they greatly help with weight loss, and they keep your lower abdomen together as it heals, while helping to prevent loose skin as your belly goes down. Having said that it could be many of other factors previously discussed such as fluid loss, that the weight loss can be attributed to. 

Good luck with however you decide to try and shift that little baby belly, and remember how amazing your body as been so far! 

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