Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Affordable Ways To Shop For Your Kids Fall Wardrobe

If you went back to school shopping for your kids, you know how expensive updating their wardrobes can be. I remember when back to school shopping was not just shopping for hot weather clothes, but it was actually more along the lines of all cooler weather clothes, so you didn’t have to make two trips to the store. But now, it is unfortunately shopping for hot weather clothes and then you have to go back again in the fall to buy cooler weather clothes. This not only takes a beating to your time, but more importantly, your wallet. Luckily, there are ways to cut costs and make it affordable. Here are a few affordable ways to shop for your kids fall wardrobe:

Sell Old Clothes
First of all, go through all of your own fall (and even spring + summer, too) clothes that your kids have outgrown, but do not toss them. Instead of just tossing them or saving them (unless you really think that you will have another kid that could use them in the future), sell them and use the money that you make on off of the old clothes on new clothes that fit better and are better suited for this upcoming fall. 

If you are stuck not knowing where or how to sell your kids outgrown clothes, there are so many articles and other resources out there that can help you learn how to do it the right way. Keep in mind, though - there really is no “right” way. As long as you make a bit of income off of the old clothes so that you can use it to purchase new clothes, you are doing it correctly!

Have Them Contribute
I truly believe that in order to raise functioning adults that can go throughout their lives with ease, you need to teach them what they need to know and one of those things that is unfortunately useful to know is struggle. Now, I’m not telling you to show your kids that you are struggling (and I’m also not saying that you are struggling), but teach them that having the things that you want takes hard work and effort. If they want even the basics in life, they do not just show up at the door. Having the basics in life and all of the other things that make their lives comfortable takes major effort. Have them see that by having them contribute to their new clothes fund. There are many ways to do this -- lemonade sales, chores around the house, car washes, and offering to mow the grass of a neighbor, or pet sit. Help them get creative and then make them work for the clothes they want (and/or need).

Buy Discounted Items
Another great way to get your kids fall wardrobe without spending too much is to buy discounted items. Sometimes, this means that you are shopping last seasons patterns, or an item that has a very minor flaw, but you are getting a great deal out of it! There are also specific days and months that are better when it comes to deals compared to others. I highly recommend researching this before shopping for all of your children's fall essentials so that you are able to buy discounted items and get the most for your buck. Another great way to buy discounted items is through consignment sales. Sure, these items are used, but most of them (if not all) are usually in fantastic shape and are heavily, heavily discounted. In Atlanta, there is a shop called Once Upon A Child, where you can find great steals on children’s clothing. I highly recommend checking it out! It does get pretty packed on weekends, so keep that in mind. Buying used or discounted items is just a really great way to affordably shop for your kids wardrobe. 

Use Extra Cash

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