Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Kodi Tips And Tricks To Try This Year

Kodi is a useful streaming add-on for the Amazon FireStick, and it is a hugely popular application to add to the device. If you have an Amazon FireStick, you will have access to a whole host of applications such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more. The difference between many of the apps and Kodi is Kodi offers a lot of TV shows and Movies for free. 

If you are new to Kodi or simply want to get more out of this service, today we have some helpful tips for you to utilize. 

1. Multiple Profiles

Did you know that Kodi can have more than one profile? If you are using Kodi with more than one member of the family, you can each have your own profile to use. The reason you should consider doing this is that you can password protect your profile and gather a personalized list of your favourite shows and films. It will allow all the family to choose their own personal list to watch later.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

The great thing about Kodi is that it allows you to use a whole range of shortcuts. You’ll be able to use a few different shortcuts to help you navigate easily and make the most of the features. There are plenty of ways to make the viewing experience more exciting such as adding subtitles (get subtitles working), changing the quality and lighting. For example on the computer you can use:

\ - switch between full screen and window
P – Play
F – fast forward
Ctrl + S – screenshot 
I – show information 
M – change view in media browser

3. Customize Home Screen

When you visit Kodi for the first time you will notice that the dashboard is fairly simple. One of the things that you should do is personalize you home screen to make the most of the features and use it in your own way. You can customize the apps, videos, and programs shown on there a well as customize the skin and the layout of it. 

4. Add Kodi Add-ons to Favorites

Add-ons are perhaps the most amazing part of using Kodi, and you can place your favorite add-ons on your favorites menu to access it quicker. Some of the best add-ons for streaming movies and tv shows are Exodus and Neptune Rising.  

5. Change Region 

The default language and region for Kodi is US English, but if you want to change this to suit you, you can do this easily by following settings > regional > language. This will allow you to make your viewing experience much more customized to you. 

6. Change Skins

If you enjoy changing the theme of your computer, email, and other applications; you may want to know how to change and customize the theme on Kodi. Kodi has a range of themes to suit any style, and it is super simple to personalize your experience by heading to settings > interface settings > skin > get more. You’ll soon have a myriad of skins to choose from which will add some color, sounds and features to your dashboard. 

7. Set a Background

If you want to go one step further when customizing your theme, you can choose your own photo for the background. This means that if you have some cute pictures of your pet, you’ll be able to use this on your dashboard and make it your own. Kodi Tips and Tricks theme skin background

8. Set a Screensaver

Sometimes there will be a stretch of time that you pause a show, and after a certain amount of time this will trigger a screensaver to come on. If you fancy changing your screensaver and making it more personal, you can do this easily in your settings. By default there are a few screensavers available, but you can easily change this and make it your own.  

9. Let It Sleep 

The best thing to do when you have left your screen idle for some time is to allow the screen to sleep. This will ensure that you save plenty of energy and money on your electricity bills too. You can easily make this happen by heading to system > system settings > power saving > put display to sleep when idle. 

10. Show the weather 

If you want to make your viewing experience through Kodi more like a computer, you can add things to your homepage such as the news and the weather. The weather in particular can be a fun feature to add, and it is super easy to bring this to your Kodi homepage. You can also change your location settings to allow Kodi to provide you with accurate weather updates in your area. 

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